Skrift connects people and stories throughout the Umbraco community on ideas that matter to you.

Skrift (ISSN: 2379-8327) is a community magazine for Umbraco, the friendly CMS. We publish original articles about developing in Umbraco as well as user experience, design, front-end technologies and broader issues like improving our community and quality of life.

We also want to help people discover more of what our fellow Umbracians have to offer, so we  supplement these articles with links to community events and the newest blog and forum posts, videos and packages.

It All Begins with You

We’re constantly seeking out interesting submissions from anyone involved in the Umbraco community, regardless of whether you’re a freelancer, in an agency, or internally embedded in a much larger corporation. If an idea for an article is burning inside you, we look forward to hearing about it. Please visit our Submissions page to learn more.

Constructive criticism and feedback welcome.

The Crew Behind Skrift

  • A photo of Kyle Weems

    Kyle Weems

    Editor in Chief

    Kyle is a co-founder of Skrift, where he does a good deal of the editing and makes uninformed opinions about which shade of pink to use that the others wisely ignore. He writes code at Offroadcode, speaks about web development and is an award-winning cartoonist. He is obsessed about TNOs, exoplanets, and IPAs. His D&D class of choice is ranger, but he's always stuck being the dungeon master so he spends more time sending players to their doom.

  • A photo of Erica Quessenberry

    Erica Quessenberry

    Creative Direction / Marketing

    Fellow Skrift co-founder and creative director, Erica Quessenberry travels as much as she can, so you'll probably run into her sooner or later. She's obsessed with improving the lives of others, craft cocktails, plant-based eating and making things from scratch. Because she hates having spare time, she is also firing up her own company, RedDesigns where her UX / UI skills and other awesomeness are for hire, and was one of the main forces starting up uWestFest: the annual North American Umbraco Festival.

  • A photo of Janae Cram

    Janae Cram

    Chief Engineer / Editor

    Janae Cram is a co-creator and the code behind Skrift. She's a bit of a perfectionist and likes her code to look as pretty as the front-facing applications she creates at Offroadcode. She has an odd collection of My Little Ponies, loves to play video games and dress up like a geek for LARP on Friday nights. Her D&D class of choice is Bard, because if you can kick ass and sing, why wouldn't you?