Issue No 4

Issue No 3


Remote Control

The remote working style is not for everyone. Some of us live it, some of us desire it, and some of us are skeptical of it. Bob Baty-Barr breaks down a typical day in his life, and why it's the right fit for him.

Issue No 2


Ten Grids Later

The Grid editor is one of the biggest new features to be added to the Umbraco 7 backend, providing flexibility for content editors. As one one of the creators of the Grid editor, Antoine Giraud walks us through lessons on using the grid through the experience of developing ten client sites with it. He also shows us LePainter, a new package that provides the ability to preview Grid editor content in the backend.


Getting Supercharged With React

They say a new JavaScript is born every hour. React, by Facebook, is one of the current frameworks growing in popularity thanks to its ability to create blindingly fast dynamically bound user interfaces for large applications. Stephen Roberts breaks down the basics of using React, introduces us to Offroadcode's SuperchargedReact.NET, and provides a working demo for making your own React application that takes advantage of React's isomorphic rendering.

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Letter from the Editor: Fellowship of the U

At Skrift we can't get enough of what it means to be in a community as connected and friendly as Umbraco's. Our own Janae Cram discusses her own past struggles to find a group to belong to, and what community, especially the Umbraco community, means personally to her.

Issue No 1

Issue 1: The King Is Dead

The King is Dead... Long Live the King

Back before Umbraco 7, uComponents provided us with a cornucopia of useful datatypes and features. However, Umbraco 7's new backend ended uComponents' reign, and with it the handy tools many had come to rely upon. Dave Woestenborghs will show us that not all is lost, though, thanks to the nuPickers package and its new set of property editors.

Issue 1: No Regrets

No Regrets

The best years of our lives are spent doing work. But is the work we're doing satisfying, or are we just working for money? The most common regret people have at the end of their lives is to not have had the courage to live a life life true to themselves. Doug Robar shares his own struggle with transforming a busy life into a meaningful one, in the process sharing advice we can all learn from.