Issue No 48

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Putting Your Clients In The Firing Line

Burnout is a constant risk in our industry. One contribution that puts our work/life balance is taking on any clients that comes our way. But as David reminds us, having more clients isn't always the healthy way to grow our business. Instead, he he outlines the process to know which clients to fire, and guidance on how to do so.

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The Other Thing You Don't Have In Common With Flat-Earthers

One thing we all have (hopefully) don't have in common with flat-Earths is the mistaken belief that the Earth is flat. But more so, many of us Umbracians suffer from the opposite of the Dunning–Kruger effect that causes them to believe they're experts when they are not: and that is imposter syndrome. Renee discusses her own struggles with imposter syndrome and shares ways we can all combat it.