April 03, 2018 :: Issue No 36
  • Umbraco is a well-protected CMS, but security is a never-ending battle in any web application. Cristhian shows us how Umbraco is vulnerable to timing attacks for user enumeration, what risks it might pose, and how well-protected Umbraco is against those risks.

  • One of Umbraco's most convenient features is the ability to create and host multiple websites from one instance. Maggy shows us how to use Umbraco's multisite feature to enable clients to manage their brands and content from one portal, with tips she's learned along the way.

Around the Web

A curated collection of Umbraco things around the web.

  • Shannon-Deminick.jpg

    Getting Umbraco to work with Azure Easy Auth

    The good news is this all works the way you’d expect with an Umbraco website for front-end requests but unfortunately this doesn’t play nicely with the Umbraco back office … but it’s easy to configure Umbraco to work!

  • perplex security package.png

    Perplex Security and GDPR Package

    We've featured articles and other resources around this, but in the run-up to the Europe's implementation of GDPR in May, and the disaster that is Facebook at the moment, we feel like we can't emphasis enough the importance of the protection of user data. It is not something to be taken lightly. Are you ready?

  • h-tag editor.png

    H-tag Grid Editor

    A simple grid editor package that lets the editor pick a desired heading size. Love it!

  • kat_boogaard.jpeg

    The Planning Fallacy: Why We Always End Up Overloaded At Work

    Overworked? Stressed out? Take on too much? It's pretty common and known as the planning fallacy, or optimism bias. Here are some tips and tricks to mitigate it, and hopefully learn what to do differently next time.

  • nick westby.jpg

    Slash Page Load Times in Umbraco

    Page speed is only as good as the developer who builds the site. Here are some tips and tricks to getting your Umbraco sites to load faster.