February 06, 2018 :: Issue No 34
  • Many of our clients have the need for more accessible websites, either to comply with regulations or to improve the ability of potential customers to access and use their sites. Accessibility is a complex topic, but Dominique and Catherine show us ways to make our Umbraco sites more accessible from the beginning, keeping the impact to clients minimal while allowing more users to access them.

  • Three years ago, Jeavon Leopold showed us how Crumpled Dog's projects were structured and why they were structured that way. Three years is an eternity in the web, so now he's come back to show how they've changed their process and the new tools and structure to show us all how to get up to date.

Around the Web

A curated collection of Umbraco things around the web.

  • koben.png

    IP Restrictor

    For those times you need things extra locked down try out this new package that restricts access to the back office based on IP addresses.

  • janae.png

    Adventures with ImageCropMode!

    You know when you learn something one way, so that's how you always do it, but then you see something that makes you go, "huh". So you look into it and think, "whoa." Yeah, this is one of those cases.

  • zendesk-chat-plugin.png

    Zendesk Chat Plugin

    Already using Zendesk and want to add live chat on your website for further support? This new package integrates it seamlessly for you. Happy chatting.

  • alex-lindgren.jpg

    Measuring Page Speed

    Google PageSpeed got an update and is no longer just about page optimization — it's actually about speed and optimization. Fancy that. Alex gives a rundown of the changes.

  • phone-manager.png

    Phone Manager

    Use a phone number for your website's call to action? This new package can display different phone numbers based on how the user got there enabling you to track the marketing source of a visitor. So. Much. Potential.