September 05, 2017 :: Issue No 29
  • For an organization in a utopian society the user interface of Star Trek's Starfleet's user interface sucks. A lot. Taking a look at the lessons that can be learned by examining the shortcomings and challenges that such interfaces would create, anne gibson encourages us to think about our own interfaces, and where to start in making them usable in our era, let alone the future.

  • Umbraco is all about community. But "the Friendly CMS", like any group, possesses introverts who can feel their internal batteries draining at social events like CodeGarden and other meetups. Christie Pearson discusses introverts in our community and starts a conversation on easing the challenges for introverts in an industry reliant on collaboration.

Around the Web

A curated collection of Umbraco things around the web.

  • Sebastiaan Janssen.jpg

    Help your favorite open source project by helping yourself

    There's no doubt open source tools help us do our jobs better. But they work even better when we give back to them. Here's a rundown of some definite dos as well as don'ts to open source contribution. Help yourself and others in the process!

  • André Santos.jpeg

    KendoUI Grid, OData, WebAPI and Entity Framework

    A quick rundown on how one team approached and nailed a project needing some complex search and edit functionality in the Umbraco Backoffice.

  • uMunge.png


    In an effort to comply with the recent EU Law — General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — this package reduces the risk of production information 'leaking' from development environments by masking personal information. We like it.

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    Integrating with Zapier

    A super handy tutorial for learning how Zapier and Umbraco Forms can work together to provide integration with a wide range of systems.

  • basic-property-editors.png

    Basic Property Editors

    They might be basic, but ultimately it's the little things that add the spit and polish to your user experience. Can't wait to see where this package goes.