November 07, 2017 :: Issue No 31
  • The Grid is great for giving content editors options for controlling their content, but migrating content into it from existing properties elsewhere on your site can be a painful experience. Jason shares their pain, and shows how to lessen it through the use of hybrid grid editors.

  • It can be difficult to decide on the best way to implement Inversion of Control in Umbraco. Emma shows us how, and why, the ultra lightweight IoC container LightInject might be the right solution for this kind of problem.

Around the Web

A curated collection of Umbraco things around the web.

  • kevin giszewski.jpg

    Learn the Umbraco Backoffice - Members Section

    Kevin runs us through the membership section of Umbraco, how to set up groups, and how to secure pages.

  • Shannon-Deminick.jpg

    Paging with Examine

    Have Lucene create the minimal search result objects that you are interested in instead of Linq's Skip/Take methods where you load all search results from Lucene and then filter in memory.

  • stacked contnet.png

    Stacked Content

    For cases where you don't want the 'unlimited' freedom of the Grid, Stacked Content has your back.

  • perplex-dashboard.jpg

    Perplex Dashboards

    Who doesn't love an informative dashboard? This one is a user dashboard that gives you quick overview of the user and member sections and the latest status and activity.

  • burki169.jpeg

    Let's Encrypt and Umbraco

    With this quick tip, you can secure your Umbraco website for free with Let's Encrypt.