January 02, 2018 :: Issue No 33
  • The grid has been a great tool for Umbraco since its release in 7.2 right out of the box. But it's with the creation of your own custom grid editors that its true power shows. Anders shows us how to create our own property and grid editors with minimum effort to make the most of this powerful feature.

  • Sometimes, back-end developers don't want to bother with Visual Studio and sometimes front-end developers would like to do a build without having Visual Studio even installed. This can be done! Inspired by a virtual meeting with GLUUG, Janae talks us through setting up Grunt to run MS Build with some VS Code tricks on the side so you (almost) never have to touch Visual Studio again.

Around the Web

A curated collection of Umbraco things around the web.

  • umbraco festivals worldwide.png

    Umbraco Festivals Worldwide

    It's January, and if you're anything like us, you're planning out your 2018 travels. This new site lets you know where all the upcoming Umbraco festivals are in case you want to, you know, coincide business and pleasure. Genius.

  • Carlos Schults.jpg

    4 Common DateTime Mistakes in C# — And How to Avoid Them

    You'd think time would be straightforward, but it comes with a bunch of fundamental gotchas due to how we construct our calendars. Learn how to avoid at least 4 common mistakes.

  • matt-brailsford.jpg

    Nested Content vs Stacked Content

    Nested Content and Stacked Content  — both awesome, but very similar, which can be confusing. Learn about the subtle, yet important differences and use cases for each to make sure you're utilizing them to their fullest extent.

  • pawel bres.jpg

    Building XML sitemap in Umbraco

    While using Razor to build your XML sitemap is great in most cases, sometimes you need to get a little bit more robust with Examine.

  • jamie pollock.jpeg


    This gist is a layer on top of Umbraco's MigrationBase for checking if a table has Indexes, Constraints, and Columns. Could be helpful!