Issue No 107

The Art of Lagom: Focusing on Your Core for a Sustainable Future

by Dennis Adolfi

The Swedish concept of "Lagom", which roughly means "not too much, not too little. Just enough!" is one that Dennis encourages us to think about in our lives, as well as professionals in creating Sustainable Tech. He shows how this even applies to Umbraco, which is shrinking between v14 and v13, and why that's a good thing.

ARMed n Load Balanced: IaC for a Load Balanced Setup in Azure.

by Darek Szatkowski

If you've ever wanted to create a load balanced Umbraco setup in Azure using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Darek's here with a simple and straightforward guide on how to do it. Two guides in one, in fact, either via PowerShell or ARM templates, as well as some best practices for performance.

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A curated collection of Umbraco and industry related tools, tips, tricks, and tutorials from around the web.

2FA User Login for v14

credit: Warren Buckley

Inspired by the Umbraco docs tutorial, Warren decided to help make it easier on everyone and compiled the snippets into a straightforward project so you can implement them without having to recreate the files over and over again! Save some time and secure your site with his handy new package for v14.

Download the package

The Delivery API is Not Only For Headless!

credit: Kenn Jacobsen

Kenn knows that the Delivery Api in Umbraco is useful for more than just headless applications. His recent blog post takes us through why you would want to use the Delivery API instead of writing your own custom controllers for non-headless sights. Insightful and helpful, it'll get you moving in the right direction with your APIs!

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Umbraco Routing Series

credit: Morten Hartvig

If you're looking to better understand routing in Umbraco, then you should dig into Morten's new series. He starts with explaining URL Segments and then dives into using ContentFinders so you can have deeper knowledge and control over your URLs!

Read the series

Programmatically add a new 'Accepted file extension'

credit: Jamie Townsend

As we know, Umbraco has default file extensions it allows - but you can customize it to add your own. Jamie shows you how to programmatically add new accepted file extensions so you don't have to do it manually! Check out his blog post and make your media library more versatile!

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Tag-style exact-matching multiple strings when searching with Examine in Umbraco

credit: Joe Glombek

If you're looking to a different approach to filtering than Jesper's blog, which we featured last newsletter, you should check out Joe's in-depth article about exact matching with Examine. Not only does he tell you how to achieve the results you want, but gives you the information behind it so you know your code better!

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