May 01, 2018 :: Issue No 37

Around the Web

A curated collection of Umbraco things around the web.

  • paul seal.jpg

    How to keep your fork up to date with the master in GitHub

    We've all done it at some point — deleted our fork and re-downloaded it to get all the latest changes. But with this awesome and super short tutorial, we can save ourselves some time and just get the updates. Hot damn.

  • simon miller.jpeg

    Adding enhanced styling to the Umbraco TinyMCE editor

    As designs get more complicated and editors want more control, sometimes we need to up the ante. Read up on how to add more options for styling content with the Tiny MCE editor.

  • Maarten van der Donk.jpg

    Testcontent for developers

    No one likes entering test content, so save yourself some time with this new package that generates realistic test content for you.

  • carole logan.jpg

    Umbraco Festival Deutschland

    What happened at the Umbraco Festival Deutschland? Carole shares her experience at this years biggest and most international UFD.

  • umbraco-logo-teal

    Codegarden 2018. First-timer's manual.

    We're in the run up to CG18. If you're a first-timer, we're so excited you're going to be there! Check out this first-timer's guide to know what to expect. And if we can impart any wisdom, we'd say, don't skip out on the social events. They're money!