No 65

The Umbraco Ecosystem

by Callum Whyte

Callum takes a look at the Umbraco ecosystem — from discoverability to naming and onboarding and poses some thoughts on how to take it to the next level.

Is it a Dark Pattern or is it just me?

by Laura Weatherhead

What is a "Dark Pattern", and how does it effect us? In her article, Laura explains what kind of design pattern it is and discusses the hidden mental, technical and commercial costs of entertaining dark patterns as a web developer.

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Multiple Date Picker for Umbraco 8

Fulfilling all your multiple date needs, this package has now been updated for use with v8. Woo hoo!

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Full data control vs. third party cookies

Why be responsible for third party cookies and beholden to third party services when you don't have to? uMarketingSuite puts control of data back where it belongs: with you and your users.

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Untrack files added to Git repository after .gitignore update

You told Git to exclude some files only to find out later they're still being tracked. Don't let Git get the best of you with these 4 steps to update the Git index so your changes are reflected.

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Give your content editors the ability to animate content through the back office with this new animation package.

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Examine Facets

Faceted search is a bit of a beast and one that takes some head-scratching to get into. Callum has provided an Examine fluent API to make faceting as simple as possible so you can dive in right away!

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