No 63

Components & Composers Are Everywhere!

by Poornima Nayar

There's so much you can do with Components and Composers in Umbraco, but what are they and how do they work? Poornima walks you through your many options - and how to use them - so you can get the most out of every Umbraco instance!

Umbraco Tools for Marketers

by Paul Marden

Marketing technology (MarTech) greatly evolves all the time. As it changes, how does Umbraco integrate them, and what's even available? Paul gives us an overview of the different toolkits you can use for Umbraco and what features they have so you can make educated choices for your sites.

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Sometimes the simple packages are the best, especially when the enhance editor experiences. Anders has done it again with the beautifully simple Skybrud.Separator, letting you organize your DocTypes even more to make your editors happy!

Download the package
Install via NuGet

Umbraco v8: How to Pick a Block Style Editor

And speaking of block editors... there are so many choices now! How do you choose which one is right for you? Marcin has you covered with his thorough post reviewing the options so you can make an education decision.

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Bento Editor for Umbraco 8

Block editors are in for custom content right now and if you're looking for an incredibly well-documented one, Bento (cute name, too!) is here. Give it a test and see what you think.

Download the package
Install via NuGet
View the GitHub repo + documentation

Stubbing the Internet with HttpClient and HttpMessageHandler

Why use tools like Postman and Insomnia when you can rely on test frameworks? Lars-Erik reviews his process for a combination of both to "stub the internet".

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UnVersion 3.0.0

Looking to clean up that version history you don't need? Søren's wonderful unVersion is here for Umbraco v8 (well, 8.4+) so go give it a look and tidy up your site!

Download the package
Install via NuGet