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How to Set Up Azure DevOps and Create an Artifact

by Aaron Sadler

In the second of a three-part series about running Umbraco on Azure, Aaron walks us through connecting our Umbraco repo to Azure DevOps and creating an artifact for deployment.

Running Umbraco on a Raspberry Pi or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Linux

by Carl Sargunar

One of the exciting aspects of the UniCore project to make Umbraco run on .NET Core is that it lets us take advantage of .NET Core's cross platform capabilities. This opens up all sorts of possibilities as it lets us run Umbraco anywhere, as Carl shows us by running Umbraco on a Raspberry Pi!

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.Net 5: WebAPI with OpenAPI docs

credit: carole-2.jpg

.NET 5's WebAPI has automagical documentation, so you don't need to use Swagger UI (etc) any more! But how do you set it up? Carole's got you!

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Umbraco 8 Grid Settings Dropdown Editor

credit: Aaron Sadler

If you're wanting to set up a dropdown editor in the grid, how do you set your prevalues? It's not as straightforward as you think, but Aaron has all the steps to get you through the process.

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Creating a Public Profile Page for Members in Umbraco

credit: Nik Rimmington aka HotChilliLtd

If you haven't been following Nik's fantastic series on setting up public profiles for Umbraco members, he's on part 3 of 4. You should definitely give it a read if you're running a site with membership!

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Umbraco Back-office Authentication With Azure Active Directory

credit: Andy Butland

If you're looking to set up Azure Active Directory with Umbraco, Andy has a quick "mental note" run-through of his process with Umbraco 8.8!

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Bypassing Property Editor Restrictions in Umbraco Element Types

credit: soren kottal

Element types are really awesome and are used to enhance Umbraco's flexibility. However, they do have some restrictions - such as a limited selection of property editors - that Søren is here to help you get around!

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