December 04, 2018 :: Issue No 44
  • What are containers? What is orchestration? With new technologies and buzz-words coming out every day, Callum discusses Docker and Kubernetes, how you can integrate them with Umbraco and answers our most important question - should you?

  • Umbraco, editor experience, user experience, and accessibility? Count us in! Matt walks us through how to empower our editors to take control of making their site as accessible as possible by using CSS3 variables that are integrated with the Umbraco back-office.

Around the Web

A curated collection of Umbraco things around the web.

  • 24Days.jpg

    24 Days in Umbraco

    It's that time of year again! Count down to Christmas with an article of Umbraco goodness a day!

  • martin wolf.jpg

    HTML5 telephone input validation

    HTML 5 forms come along way every year and it's hard to keep up with them! Did you know that you can use Regex patterns in telephone input fields? Martin's article gives us a quick rundown.

  • andyButland.jpeg

    Image recognition using the Azure Custom Vision Service

    It used to be that AI was limited to hardcore AI experts, but now there are tools out there that allow access by a much wider range of developers armed with just a cloud subscription.

  • umbraco-logo-teal

    Community Team visit

    See what happened when the Community PR team travels to Odense to meet with the Documentation team for the first time! Magic!

  • health-check.png


    There are a few invaluable Umbraco Health Checks already built in to your installation of Umbraco, but did you know there's a community project with more you can add?

The Funnies

By @mattbrailsford