No 67

SVG Icons in Umbraco

by Mike Masey

When Mike discovered that the icon fonts used in the Umbraco backoffice create accessibility issues for users with dyslexia, he ended upon a two-year journey to create an accessible solution with SVGs that wouldn't break the backoffice in the process. He describes for us why it was a problem, and the steps he and and other developers took to fix it to make Umbraco an even friendlier CMS.

How to Set Up Umbraco on an Azure Web App

by Aaron Sadler

In the first of a three-part series about running Umbraco on Azure, Aaron walks us through the Azure services we need to run Umbraco, what they do, and why he thinks Azure is in most cases the better option over dedicated environments.


Exploring Common Practices

Part 1: Landing Pages

by Paul Marden & Matthew Wise

Landing pages and lead capture forms are a fundamental part of marketing and sales led websites. Fortunately Umbraco lends itself well to the needs of Marketers for a quick turn around without the need for developers to get involved in the creation of new landing pages. In this first article in a series exploring areas of common practice in Umbraco, Matt and Paul investigate ways to create landing pages and lead capture forms.

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Status Update: Codegarden 2021

We all really missed CG20 and we've been waiting to find out what's going to happen next year. Luckily, there's news! Read the official post from HQ to get updated on what you need to know (hint hint: it's virtual)!

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Creating Profile Pages for Umbraco Members

Members are IPublishedContent, but they have no routing to direct URLs to them. In the start of his series, Nik addresses the complexities of creating public profiles for Umbraco members and a great way to go about making them without duplicating content.

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Converge 8

Migrating content from one Umbraco instance to another - especially after an upgrade - can be such a pain. Converge helps make this process simpler with their convenient package that lets you migrate not only across versions, but across database types, too!

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Auto-Growing Textareas with CSS

Form content is always some of the trickiest to deal with on the web. CSS Tricks has a handy little tutorial for setting up auto-growing textareas without any JavaScript!

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Newsletter Studio Update

If you're still in v7 and you're wanting to manage newsletters straight from the Umbraco back office, then Newsletter Studio is staying updated! Markus has just pushed a recent patch to bounce-handling and you should give it a look.

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