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Using Forked Libraries in .NET - Part 2 - Setting Up a Local NuGet Repository

by Andrew McKaskill

In part 2 of his series on forked libraries, Andrew shows us how to build private versions of a forked library and then reference them using a local nuget repository.

Materializing your Open-Source Repository Issues: The Codegarden Hackathon Issue Receipt Printer

by Michaël Latouche

This year's CodeGarden had a great hackathon gimmick: the issues to work on would print off a receipt printer! Michaël show us how it was set up, and how easily you could integrate it in your own workplace or event!

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First Steps with Umbraco 14

credit: Andy Butland

Umbraco 14 isn’t so far away and as we all know, a lot is changing with the huge updates to how the back office is coded. Packages will need to be updated and there are plenty of new things to learn. Andy has started an excellent series to get you up to speed and running, so go give it a peek!

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uSync Complete 12.2 Release Candidate

credit: Kevin Jump

The uSync.Complete 12.2 release candidate is out and it is feature RICH! Get all the details about restore points, background publishing, the audit log, and 'super tweaks' (these are cool - lots of little awesome things) in Kevin's blog post. You can even do things like daily backups using Hangfire scheduling, so cool!

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How I run this very website on a Raspberry Pi in my closet at home

credit: Sebastiaan Janssen

Ever thought of running a website from your closet? Sebastiaan showcases how he powers his site using a Raspberry Pi tucked away at home. Discover the magic of blending Umbraco, Cloudflare Tunnels, and a tiny computer for a unique hosting experience!

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Umbraco CMS on Ubuntu

credit: IMG 0389

As we've learned, Umbraco can be hosted on a variety of different services, from Seb's Raspberry Pi to Ubuntu! If you're looking to get started running Umbraco on Ubuntu, then Shkar has a great blog post to get you going from requirement installs to site load - give it a read!

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How to set up Smidge properly in Umbraco

credit: Paul Seal

Ever faced challenges with Smidge setup in Umbraco? Paul's blog post offers a deep dive into setting it up correctly - from app settings for dev and production to using the IRuntimeMinifier service, it's a comprehensive guide for smoother Umbraco projects!

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