No 70

Hotwiring Umbraco with Turbo

by Chriztian Steinmeier

We often want our websites faster and smoother to navigate. Our solutions can involve becoming caching experts to serve the pages faster, or creating SPAs in JS frameworks. But if we don't want to go down the caching rabbit hole or deal with the complexities and download sizes of JavaScript applications. What do we do? Chriztian shows us how we can have faster and smoother pages, the speed of single-page applications, without a line of JavaScript by using Turbo in our Umbraco sites.

Burning Out at Both Ends

by Janae Cram

Burnout is a common issue that developers suffer. The tech industry is high octane all the time, and in many cases crunch time is a normal. But is that the root of burnout, or is it something else, and how do you deal with it if you are suffering from it? During this time in which we're all dealing with even more stress, Janae takes a moment to examine her own struggle with burnout, where it comes from, and hopefully some ways to get out of it.

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Converting IContent to IPublishedContent in Umbraco v8+

credit: Matt Brailsford

What do you do when a piece of content you need isn't saved in the cache yet? Matt has faced this problem and shares his solutions from turning IContent (database content) to IPublishedContent (cashed content) when needed.

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Three Packages, One Developer, Profit!

credit: Chriztian Steinmeier

Not only has he written for Skrift this month, but Chriztian has been on a role with useful little packages to share with the community. Create version numbers, have custom color pickers (which even let you add your own hex codes), and use a nice straightforward KeyValue editor!

Download the color selector editor
Download the KeyValue editor
Download the version number editor


credit: Joe Glombek

Joe has created Umbracosaurus, a thesaurus for the icon filter to help you when you're searching for icons. Install to speed up your process, find and apply them easier!

Download the package

The WebAIM Million

credit: Webaim

Every year, WebAIM does an analysis of the top 1,000,000 home pages, and they've found some interesting conclusions this year. Read their analysis and stay on top of accessibility for your sites!

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Umbraco Image Crop Picker using Contentment Data List

credit: Lee Kelleher

If you haven't checked out Marcin and Adrian's awesome Image Crop Picker package, we highly recommend you check it out. And then on top of that Lee has this delightful article to explain how he wired into Contentment, sharing his knowledge and some of the secret sauce inside his package development.

Read the article
Download Marcin & Adrian's package