November 05, 2019 :: Issue No 55
  • Good, fast code is always better than caching. But when you need to cache, make sure you can control it and turn it off. Anthony walks us through his perspective of caching in Umbraco, and offers an alternative caching pattern to help you gain better control of your cache.

  • With Umbraco 8.1 out, more teams are confidant that it's the time to start moving clients over to v8. There is no upgrade path between 7 and 8, so we need to migrate instead. Having begun to do this himself with internal projects, Owain has a number of "look out for this" pieces of advice to offer for those beginning this undertaking.

Around the Web

A curated collection of Umbraco things around the web.

  • kieron.jpg

    Webp Images in Umbraco (v7 & 8!)

    Looking to get some automagical Webp images loaded through Umbraco? Kieron's article will get you set up whether you're using v7 or v8!

  • ian.jpg

    NuCache Explorer

    Looking to visualize you cache data in v8? Look no further - Ian's NuCache Explorer package lets you view both your Media and Content NuCache files directly in the backoffice!

  • vendr.jpg

    Introducing Vendr, Ecommerce for v8

    The Outfield Digital team has been working hard on Vendr, which will be a new Umbraco eCommerce solution for v8! You can read all about their progress here as well as look forward to an alpha preview release soon!

  • davew.png

    Nexu Beta for v8

    Tracking your content relations in Umbraco v8 has never been easier if you're using Dave's Nexu package. Haven't installed it yet? You can find the beta release here!

  • miriamsuzanne.jpg

    Scroll Snap in CSS

    This month we've got a little CSS tip for our front-enders direct from Miriam Suzanne at Mozilla! Did you know you can scroll snap directly in CSS, no JavaScript needed?