No 76

Umbraco DevOps, Part 1: How to Configure Umbraco to Run on Azure

by Simone Chiaretta

In this first article in a series about optimizing your Umbraco setup for Azure, Simone shows us why running Umbraco on Azure Platform as a Service is different than on IaaS, and how we can address those differences.

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A Discord Channel for the Umbraco Community

credit: Umbraco Logo Blue

It can be hard to grow and build a community on different platforms and focus attention on the right ones; Umbraco HQ has recently made the choice to open a Discord community for a multitude of good reasons! If you want the details, read the official post, or you can go straight to signing up!

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Using Docker to Help Build Websites on Mac

credit: Carl Sargunar

.NET 5 allows for CMSes like Umbraco to run on operating systems outside of Windows, but there is some setup involved (isn't there always?). Carl takes you through the steps to get started setting up your project locally on your Mac.

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DUUG Fest Calling All Speakers!

credit: Thumbnail DUUGfest (color)

The Dutch Umbraco Conference is back this year on December 20-21st and they're looking for speakers. Last year's virtual event was amazing, but they're back in person this year so if you're wanting to speak, you should go give a pitch!

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Fun with localization, pseudo-elements, CSS variables and the Umbraco backoffice

credit: Nathan Woulfe

Sometimes content is stored in CSS and then needs to be localized. Nathan goes through how this works in the backoffice and how you can localize your CSS by applying variables you call in your pseudo-elements.

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How to create member login and logout form in Umbraco V9 (RC)

credit: Aaron Sadler

Beyond security, one of the most important implementations behind membership is the login/logout form - the first step! Aaron has a zippy tutorial to get your members logged in (and out) in Umbraco 9.

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