No 87

Vite and Umbraco for Faster Frontend Builds

by Jason Elkin

Managing frontend dependencies has had an awkward and often not pretty past, but Jason walks us through a newer method of frontend bundling with Vite — why it's awesome, how to set it up, and how to incorporate it in your next Umbraco project.

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A curated collection of Umbraco and industry related tools, tips, tricks, and tutorials from around the web.

Vender 3.0.0 RC

credit: Vendr

The Vendr 3.0.0 release candidate is here and there are a lot of new updates for you to check out. Find out what's changed and changing in their blog post, as well as how to use it right now!

Read the blog post

Umbraco Media Protection

credit: Lucas Bisgaard

Umbraco Media Protection is a snazzy new package that gives you protection over image scraping by using an HMAC hash to encrypt your images. Check out Lucas's work; it might give you some extra peace of mind!

Download the package

An example to show how Umbraco and OpenIdConnect work together

credit: Jeroen Breuer

If you've been wanting to use OpenID Connect with Umbraco but haven't known where to start, Jeroen has created an example package with everything all configured. Check it out!

View the example

Skybrud Redirects Import & Export

credit: Anders Bjerner

Skybrud Redirects has been the bread and butter of redirecting for years. Now Anders has added a new addon for the package in v10 where you can import and export so it's even better!

Check out the package

How to use YubiKey OTP Two Factor Authentication with Umbraco Members

credit: Aaron Sadler

Two-factor authentication is a fantastic way to add extra security to your site, and Aaron’s blog post will walk you through all the steps to get it set up with YubiKey on your site!

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