July 03, 2018 :: Issue No 39

Around the Web

A curated collection of Umbraco things around the web.

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    How I configure my Umbraco Cloud website to support Nuget packages

    Disclaimer aside, get a look at how to set up a simple Umbraco Cloud site via nuget packages.

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    Introducing Umbraco Latch

    If you missed the announcement at CodeGarden 18, all sites on Umbraco Cloud are now being secured with Latch.

  • owain williams.jpg

    How Do you Make the Backoffice as User Friendly as Possible?

    A great question posted in the forums by Owain with a plethora of suggestions. Definitely worth a read!

  • warren-buckley.jpg

    Umbraco V8 – Swapping Log4Net for Serilog with this switcheroo magic trick

    Query and find log items easier with this structured meta data approach instead of combing through an arbitrary text log file. It's like magic.

  • umco.png

    Stacked Content 1.2.0

    With some community contributions, a new version of the much loved Stacked Content from UMCO is here.

The Funnies

By @mattbrailsford