No 71

The Challenge of .NET Core for Umbraco Package Developers

by Matt Brailsford

Umbraco's upcoming move to .NET Core will be a challenge for package developers, as it's not backwards compatible with the .Net Framework. Matt outlines the challenges ahead, as well as the different strategies that package maintainers should consider to manage the transition.

How Creativity Can Help Us Re-emerge From 2020

by Kris Deminick

2020 brought unprecedented stressors to us all, the impact of which is still continuing in 2021. As we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, many of us are still feeling burned out. Kris discusses how we can use creative outlets to help us regain the motivation and energy we lost.

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List View with Infinite Editor

credit: Jesper Mayntzhusen

If you've ever wanted to use a list view that opens an infinite editor window, then Jesper has started a blog series to help you do exactly that!

Read the blog post

Image Hotspot

credit: Chriztian Steinmeier

Are you missing the Umbraco Image Hotspot editor in v8? Well, Chriztian is still on a roll with his package updates - you can go snag it now!

Download the package

Umbraco Package Migration to .NET Core

credit: Andy Butland

If you haven't checked out Andy's incredible 10-part series on Umbraco package migration to .NET Core, then it's a must have for package developers that want to plan for their migrations!

Start the series

UmbracoFlare - Cloudflare + Umbraco

credit: Cogworks

Wanting some basic level integration with Cloudflare and Umbraco? Well, the Cogworks team is here with a package to help you get going right away!

Download on NuGet

Vendr Survey Roadmap

credit: Vendr

Vendr recently did a survey asking what people would like to see in future releases for their eCommerce platform and they've built a roadmap directly in response to that - which we think is super cool! Check the roadmap to see what's coming up.

Read the roadmap