No 77

Why Are You Being Such A Git About It?

by Joe Glombek

Are your git repos a dumping ground for code? Joe is fussy about how people use git, and sees that as a good thing. He's showing us branching strategies, the importance of commit messages and discussing how often we should we commit. Let's investigate how, with 5 simple tips, we can turn a code dump into a glorious archive of software and how this can save time, frustration and money.

Umbraco DevOps, Part 2: Automating Azure Resources Creation With ARM Templates

by Simone Chiaretta

In this second article in a series about optimizing your Umbraco setup for Azure, Simone teaches us about ARM templates and how they can automate creating and linking the resources needed to run an Umbraco website on Azure.

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How to contribute to Umbraco 9 for Hacktoberfest

credit: Paul Seal credit: Sebastiaan Janssen

Hacktoberfest is thoroughly on it's way, but there is still plenty of time to contribute! If you're not sure how to get up and running with 'hacking' Umbraco 9, then Paul and Sebastiaan have put together this awesome video to get you started!

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uSync, Translation Manager, and More updated for Umbraco 9!

credit: Kevin Jump

If you love Kevin's packages such as uSync and Translation Manager, they've all been updated for v9. You can get the full list with notes here on his recent blog post and then get downloading what you need!

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Vendr 2.0.0 for v8 & v9

credit: Vendr

Vendr 2.0.0 has been released with support for both Umbraco 8 and 9! The Outfield Digital team has done an amazing job not only updating the eCommerce package itself, but it's addons and documentation. You can see a full list of the updates right here!

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Super Page Speed

credit: Nicholas Westby

Page speed is probably one of the hottest topics for web developers. The faster the website, the better it is. But what are real world examples of achievable page speeds and how do we get there? Nicholas's recent blog post does a deep dive into this topic.

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Indexing data from another node and keeping it up to date with changes in Umbraco

credit: Jesper Mayntzhusen

What happens when you want to index data on one node into search information for another node - say child pages? Jesper has a quick tutorial to get your search all sorted.

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