February 05, 2019 :: Issue No 46
  • Twelve years ago, Tim was diagnosed with cancer. He survived, and in the process learned valuable lessons that he's sharing with us that apply to both life in general as well as to our lives as web professionals.

  • Animations are the flare that everyone wants on their website (or app), but how do we approach them responsibly? Mike touches on everything from accessibility to performance in this follow-up article to his Umbraco UK Fest presentation.

Around the Web

A curated collection of Umbraco things around the web.

  • codegarden19.jpg

    Become a Codegarden uBuddy!

    Conferences can be intimidating, even for veterans like the Skrift team! Have you been to Codegarden before and are attending in 2019? Become a uBuddy and put a newcomer at ease.

  • a-list-apart.jpeg

    The Necessity of Structured Content

    Whether or not you’re building services for these emerging technologies, structured content is now necessary to ensure the accuracy and integrity of your content across the evolving digital landscape.

  • richard soeteman.png

    Get Ready for BulkManager v2!

    There's no way we can easily explain everything BulkManager does, but if you're looking for the "Swiss Army Knife" of Umbraco as Richard calls it, then v2 is here for you!

  • callum.jpg

    SUPER Value Converters!

    Looking to simplify your views and make more out of Media Pickers, MNTPs, and Nested Content? Callum's new SuperValueConverters package may have exactly what you need; check it out!

  • tea-commerce.png

    Welcome TeaCommerce 3.3.0!

    If you're running TeaCommerce on an existing Umbraco site or you're looking to check out a great eCommerce system, then don't miss that version 3.3.0 is out, including some new features!