August 06, 2019 :: Issue No 52
  • Paul and Ben believe in Umbraco Cloud, but it lacks geo-redundancy for the service (AKA failover) and load-balancing for individual projects. Spurred on by (rare) outages in early 2019, they've created a failover environment to use with Umbraco Cloud. Better yet, they've shared with us their solution, which is useful for cases such as zero downtime upgrades and blue-green deployments

  • Joke shares what agency life is like as a "Highly Sensitive Person" with a heightened sensitivity to the noises, sounds, and smells in the office, and uses her experiences to share advice on how to survive in an agency, whether or not you are an HSP, and take better care of yourself in the process.

Around the Web

A curated collection of Umbraco things around the web.

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    New RFC: Media Item Tracking

    Umbraco is looking for input on their new RFC for tracking where a media item is used across a site. So handy for content-editors and developers alike. Have feedback? Check out the RFC!

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    ICYMI: Native Lazy-Loading in Chrome

    Did you see that Chrome now includes native lazy-loading? (Finally!). It's released in version 76, so get ready to implement!

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    Clean Starter Kit for v8

    Looking to get a clean start with Umbraco 8? Look no further as Paul has a gorgeous starter kit to help you "love Umbraco like he does" (we love it, too!).

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    Alexa Skill: Umbraco Scoop

    Extra extra, read all about it! Poornima has created a really nifty Alexa skill called Umbraco Scoop to have all things Umbraco news-casted back at you.

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    Micro-Benchmarking with BenchmarkDotNet

    Want to learn to benchmark but have no idea where to begin? We suggest starting small with Simone's fantastic article on micro-benchmarking!