Banner for An Umbraco Privacy Health Check July 02, 2019 :: Issue No 51
  • It's been a year since GDPR, which is the perfect time to look at how we as the Umbraco community, the Umbraco CMS itself, and other CMSs, can participate in the journey to better privacy and security. As a member of the Cross-CMS Privacy Working Group, Alan looks at all this and our opportunities to maintain momentum in privacy in a post-GDPR world.

  • One in three professional developers don't have degrees in computer science. Instead of suffering from the doubt of imposter syndrome, developers with backgrounds in different fields should take heart as Linda discusses the evidence that this isn't a predictor of your skill as a coder and the non-coding skills that make programmers of all backgrounds priceless.

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    Security Advisory July 9th 2019

    Time to stop putting off that 7.15 (or 8.1.0) upgrade! If that's not feasible for your project, Umbraco has provided a security patch for sites running v6.2.0 - v7.14.0. and 8.0.0-8.0.2. It's highly recommended we get our patch on.

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    UmbracoIdentity for v8!

    Everything should work just like it did before and if you are migrating from Umbraco v7 to v8, this UmbracoIdentity package should 'just work' for you too and all of the data in the ExternalLogins table will be retained.

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    Developing a Robust Font Loading Strategy for CSS-Tricks

    Google has made it quite easy to use fancier fonts on the web, but their recommended way of implementing them is maybe not the best for load times and user experience. Check out this case study for CSS-Tricks and how they optimized the fonts!

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    How to fix the SVG 404 error when using Umbraco and Azure Blob Storage

    A line of code and voila, your editors can upload svgs in the back office.

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    Practical Decisions on Testing: Code Coverage Metrics

    Should you test 100% of your code? The decision is not always black and white. Andy walks through some pros and cons on the subject.