No 84

Winning at Core Web Vitals

by Steve Hart

Your new Umbraco website is amazing, but is it performant? What are Core Web Vitals and why do they matter in how your site performs in search rankings? Thankfully Steve is here to walk us through it all, with how to see your site's performance, and what to do to improve it.

Dynamic Fills/Strokes on SVG Background Images

by Janae Cram

SVGs load faster and scale better than other image types on the web. But when used as backgrounds, you can't use background-color, fill, or stroke to dynamically reuse them in different colors elsewhere on your site. But not all hope is lost! Janae's here to help, providing us with an easy-to-implement solution that lets us make the most of our SVGs.

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Package Script Writer

credit: Paul Seal

Paul's fantastic new package script writer tool generates the script you need for installing Umbraco 9 and all your favorite packages. Then it puts it all in a friendly query string so you can bookmark it and share it with others!

Check out the tool
Watch the video

Intl-Tel-Input for Umbraco Forms

credit: Aaron Sadler

Validating telephone inputs is particularly tricky, since so many different locations have different requirements for their phone numbers. Aaron has put together a package to help make this easier for Umbraco forms by adding a custom intl-tel-input field.

Download the package

Key Value List for v9

credit: Yelena

Storing a dictionary of key-value data has never been made simpler with Yelena's Key Value List package for v9. If you're looking to let your editors put items in a dictionary quickly, then you should go check out her package!

Download the package


credit: Sebastiaan Janssen

If you've ever been wanting to know why some app variables you have applied aren't working, Sebastiaan's new package might help you solve the problem by installing a dashboard that shows you every currently applied environment variable. Nice!

Download the package

Umbraco Polyfill

credit: Lee Kelleher

Lee has gone above and beyond to make his packages compatible for multiple versions and with his release of Umbraco Polyfill, you can too. Check out his blog post to see what he's done and how you can use it for cross-framework compatibility.

Read the blog post