No 86

Package Script Writer

by Paul Seal

One of the many great things about the Umbraco community is the packages and tools folks make to make the Friendly CMS even friendlier! But sometimes there's too many good packages you want to install. If only there was a way to do it quicker. Well now there is, as Paul walks us through using his Package Script Writer, which auto-generates scripts for you to drop into the command line to install Umbraco like a pro!

Codegarden 2022: a Newbies Perspective

by Jack Chamberlain

One of the best experiences at Codegarden is meeting new members of the community and seeing their reactions to the celebration of all things Umbraco! Jack was one of the Codegarden first timers this year, and he gives us a quick look at what it felt like being there, with some tips for next year's new faces.

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Umbraco Unique Identifiers

credit: Michael Reiter

What identifiers should you use, and when? What is the purpose of each? Michael answers these questions and gives pointers for the usefulness of each of Umbraco's identifiers.

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Candid Contributions is back!

credit: candid contributions

Candid Contributions has come back with a storm this month to talk about both their experiences with Codegarden and workplace culture - how it influences us, and what makes a culture "good". You can check out their new episodes here and we highly recommend it!

Listen to S3 Ep3: The Codegarden Effect
Listen to S3 Ep4: Culture - more than just a hoodie

Tag Helper for Display Templates

credit: Phil Haack

Are you familiar with tag helpers in .NET Core? Do you wish there were ones for DisplayFor and EditorFor like HTML Helpers? Phil's recent blog post runs through creating custom tag helpers as well as great example code to implement DisplayFor and EditorFor yourself.

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Your CMS is at the end of its life, now what?

credit: moriyama

At the end of June, Moriyama's team hosted a webinar about your CMS being at the end of it's life and what to do next. If this topic interests you, it's now on demand on YouTube, and you can also subscribe to them for future videos on an array of useful topics including Azure DevOps and Data Migration!

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Wholething.FallbackTextProperty for v10

credit: Harry Gordon

Thanks to some assistance from Harry Gordon, the Umbraco fallback editor package is now ready and available for v10. Use it to set default values so your content editors can save time!

Download the package