April 07, 2020 :: Issue No 60
  • The conference season is cancelled and most of us are required to stay at home as we deal with the pandemic. But Umbraco Spark held its second annual event in early March. Among the attendees to this was Tim Payne, who decided to bike 400 km to the event as an adventure. He shares the fun and pain of the trip, inspiring us to consider doing the same when we're allowed back in the great outdoors.

  • In a GDPR world, there's data, such as the details of registered users on a site, that we need to keep encrypted. Busra, having recently done this in a V7 website using encryption injection. This made her curious about implementing encryption injection in V8, and after accomplishing this she walks us through the steps you can take to do it yourself.

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10-11 April | All Time Zones
Join Candid Contributions and fellow Umbracians around the world for a virtual hackathon this Friday and Saturday. Running 24+ hours there's space for you no matter your time zone. Come and take on an issue or drop in for a cup of tea! All skill levels welcome.

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Around the Web

A curated collection of Umbraco things around the web.

  • patrick.jpg

    Inbound Link Errors

    Trying to track links coming in without having to constantly compare to Analytics? The Inbound Link Errors package tracks 404s so you can easily set up custom redirects!

  • lars-erik aabech.jpeg

    Content List 1.0 (beta)

    Editors are always wanting to insert custom lists of dynamic content across a site, and Lars-Erik has built a great package to help them do so. He's looking for feedback, too, so give it an install and send him a message!

  • davew.png

    Nexu v2 for Umbraco v8

    Nexu is a fantastic package, allowing you to track your relations for Content & Media across your Umbraco site. Dave has just released v2 for Umbraco 8 and we highly recommend you go install it!

  • candid-contributions.png

    Candid Contributions on "Remote"

    In our previous newsletter, we discussed working remote and social distancing. One of the Skrift team, Janae, also participated in an interview with Candid Contributions on remote work. Hopefully you can pick up more tips and tricks from this excellent open source podcast!

  • vendr.jpg

    Hey, Vendr!

    Looking for an elegant, simple e-commerce solution? Well, Outfield Digital has just released Vendr - an update of their previous purchase of Tea Commerce - for Umbraco 8. We can't wait to try it ourselves!