June 05, 2018 :: Issue No 38
  • Websites can be huge with hundreds of pages, which is one reason that Umbraco is so useful. It lets us create dozens of templates instead of hundreds of pages. But reusability can make us even more efficient when we think about template sections as components. Kevin will show us how and why to design our Umbraco sites on the component level to make them even more flexible.

  • The default media folder in Umbraco doesn't scale well across different Umbraco site instances, especially when you need to worry about whether teams have up-to-date media folders in their dev environments. Jimmy has a solution for this conundrum, arranging for a programmatic transfer of media assets via Azure with the UmbracoFileSystemProviders.Azure Umbraco Package and AzCopy.

Around the Web

A curated collection of Umbraco things around the web.

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    Interested in diversity in the web industry?

    Happy Porch Radio is gearing up for season 4 on diversity in the tech industry. Instead of rehashing the problems, this season is focusing on solutions, but is still looking for co-hosts and guests. Is that you or someone you know? Do you have any successes or lessons learned to share?

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    Releasing Today: Umbraco 7.11.0

    Umbraco v7.11.0 is out today with 98% of the changes coming from the Umbraco community. Massive #H5YR to everyone who contributed, as well as to the new PR team who are already helping to process the backlog of PRs in the queue. Keep up the good wor

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    Getting Umbraco V8 Alpha Up and Running

    If you're having trouble getting V8 Alpha up and running, here's a quick crash course on some ways to get it compiling.

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    Umbraco V8 – Bye bye ApplicationEventHandler, Hello Umbraco Components!

    For all you tinkers, hackers, and early adopters out there things are changing in V8. Here's a preview and example of the new Umbraco Components and how to use it.

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    Sofie's Docs Diary: Codegarden 2018 Docs Wrap

    There was a lot of chatter about documentation at Codegarden this year. See where it's all ended up and the progress that's been made in the last month!

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