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ViewComponents in Umbraco 9

by Dennis Adolfi

With Umbraco 9 running on .NET 5, a new concept is introduced called ViewComponents. In this article Dennis Adolfi will cover the basics of ViewComponents, how we can use them in Umbraco 9 and what you should be aware of going forward.

Umbraco and Blazor

by Jeroen Koppenol & Lennard Fonteijn

Blazor is an exciting upcoming technology, making it possible to use C# to create client-side logic, like you would with JavaScript. Since the upcoming version of Umbraco (Umbraco 9) is built on .NET 5, the opportunity to use Blazor components arises, but how?

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Umbraco 9 Models Builder

credit: carole-2.jpg

Every major version change also means we have to change the way we go about the familiar. Carole's fantastic blog post gives a rundown of how to use ModelsBuilder in Umbraco 9 so you can familiarize yourself with the new features!

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credit: Bjarke Berg

Umbraco 9 is just around the corner and you can bet you'll be wanting to add some maps to a site! Bjarke is already set up with Bergmania.OpenStreetMap, which includes a property value converter so you can get going.

Download the package


credit: Paul Seal

Paul's incredibly cool new package lets you generate images based on content. He has a delightfully documented set up and we can't wait to get this implemented on Skrift, too!

Download the package

High Performance Umbraco 8.15

credit: Medium (1)

Chad has made it a personal goal to focus on getting the best performance he can out of Umbraco. In his recent blog post, he has a bunch of handy tips and tricks you can use to speed your site up

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Can I disable Examine indexes on Umbraco front-end servers?

credit: Shannon Deminick

There are a few reasons, such as load balancing, for why you might wish to turn off Examine Indexes in Umbraco 8. Shannon's thorough blog post sets you up with how to do exactly that!

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