No 79

Code Review: Behind the Scenes (Part I)

by Michael Latouche

Reviewing code is not often as easy as it seems. It takes knowing how to offer feedback without hurting feelings and how to deal with the frustrations that can come when you get a messy PR. Thankfully, in this first of a two part series Michael will share with us the lessons he's learned about the art of reviewing code with his time as a member of the Umbraco Core Community Team.

How to Build Umbraco Cloud: The Fresh Approach

by Bogdan Kosarevskyi

When we're setting up CI/CD with Azure DevOps we're not just seeking to deploy to some random somewhere. Instead, we have a unified build we're seeking to deliver to development, staging, and production environments, each with a different version. Bogdan helps us fill in this missing step that can be left out of CI/CD tutorials, showing us how to set up our pipeline that doesn't end with us just "deploying something somewhere".

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Hiding Tabs and Properties from Backoffice Users

credit: Corne Hoskam

If you are looking to really dial in what you editors can see and maintain, then Corne's recent article is just what you need! He walks you through the code to use to set certain tabs and properties viewable only to specific editor groups.

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SEO Checker & Media Protect for Umbraco 9

credit: richard soeteman

Richard has been prepping many favorite packages for Umbraco 9, and they are starting to become available! Get a peek at the beta for SEO Checker as well as the Media Protect release!

Seo Checker beta
Media Protect package

Limbo Boolean Package

credit: Anders Bjerner

Umbraco allows you to set a default value to a checkbox property, but it doesn't apply retroactively to existing content without a saved value. Anders has a solution to that with his new property editor for v8, which applies the default to pages without the value saved.

Download the package

A richer Block List view in the Umbraco back office

credit: sotiris filippidis

Having custom block lists for your editors to view can make their lives easier, giving them an overview of their content in a snap! Sotiris has some instructions (and code!) to help you power up your content blocks and keep your editors delighted.

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Umbraco backoffice SSO with OpenID Connect

credit: Scott Brady

Plenty of folks are looking to log into Umbraco with their SSO solutions, including IdentityServer or your company's AzureAD. Scott shows us how to use OpenId to connect these solutions - and more - to Umbraco 9.

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