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Resilient Dynamic Properties in Razor Views Using SafeExpandoObject

by Nicholas Westby

As part of Formulate's Designed Emails feature, Nicholas wanted it easy as possible to create a Razor view to access form-submitted data that could send nice-looking emails even if some fields were changed or had the wrong casing. His solution, which he teaches us, was to create fault-tolerant, case-insensitive, dynamic properties using SafeExpandoObject.

Blog to Markdown Parser

by Owain Williams

Migrating your blog posts from one website to another can be a pain, especially when you're moving away from specific packages that your content is built on. Owain recently encountered this difficulty, so decided to create an app that solved his headaches. His HTML to Markdown Parser, which he walks us through, lets him convert the blog posts from a site's RSS feed into Markdown, which he can then easily import into a new site.

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Is Umbraco Ready for New Privacy Laws in Brazil?

Brazil is implementing new security laws - which include for companies outside the country that have services in the country. Is Umbraco ready for them, and what do you need to know? Paul's got you covered!

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Umbraco LFI Exploitation

In March, Umbraco made an important security patch for client dependency, but how do you find vulnerabilities in code and how do you understand possible exploitations? Boik's thorough article on LFI Exploitation in ClientDependency and how he used CodeQL to find gives you an in-depth view! (Note: If you haven't implemented the security patch - GO DO IT! 👏)

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SOLID Principles Series

If you've ever been wanting a short but sweet introduction to SOLID principles, then Andy's new blog series is here for you. Five brief posts will help you wrap your head around the concept!

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If you've wanted an expanded editor experience with placeholder text, more visible and enforced character limits, and fallback text, then you've been waiting for Skybrud.Umbraco.Textbox. Go get it 👇

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Vendr 1.2.7 is Here

Some fixes, changes, and additions have come to Vendr since it's initial release and we're all the way to 1.2.7. Check out what's new and better or go download the package if you haven't tried it yet!

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