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Integrating Cloudflare CDN with Umbraco Websites - Part 2: Cloudflare's Key Features and Full-Page Caching

by Nurhak Kaya

In part 2 of his series on using Cloudflare with Umbraco, Nurhak walks us through Cloudflare's key features, and shows us how to use it with Umbraco for full-page caching.

DocTales: Collaborative documentation for Umbraco and Astro JS

by Richard Jackson

Astro provides static generation functionality that, when combined with Umbraco's Content Delivery API, can enable you to create statically generates sites with Umbraco! As a member of the community creating a soon-to-be published guide on using Umbraco with Astro, Richard tells us about his collaborative journey making documentation for it, an important part of any community.

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credit: Mehmet Yildiz

Boost your Umbraco forms with Mehmet's first open source package, which adds a tidy little custom data type, using the Google Places API for autocompleting and autofilling address fields. A great way to confirm that your users are adding valid addresses!

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Enhancing Asynchronous Data Fetching in Umbraco v14 with Lit Async Directives

credit: Matt Brailsford

Matt guides us through how to improve asynchronous data fetching using Lit async directives - a powerful game changer in Umbraco 14. Dive into the details if you're looking for efficient data retrieval in the new backoffice!

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Umbraco locking and scope handling

credit: Harry Gordon

Harry recently did a deep dive into locking issues that many (if not all) of us have suffered when editing in the backoffice. His thorough post discusses the use of scope and dispose in Umbraco and what could be done to handle thread locking issues.

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How to stop search engines indexing media and assets in Umbraco

credit: Paul Seal

Paul's quick blog post shows you how to set headers on your Umbraco media and assets to keep them private from search engines. With a less than five minute read, you can take control of your privacy in a jiffy!

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Testing Lit components created with TypeScript and Vite using Web Test Runner

credit: Markus Johansson

Get your testing game on point with Markus's latest blog post! He'll teach you how to test Lit components created with TypeScript and Vite using Web Test Runner. Give it a read and make your testing smoother and more efficient!

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