February 04, 2020 :: Issue No 58
  • Umbraco V8 brought many great new features to its back office, and in the process replaced tabs. This proved to be a bit divisive for the community, but for those who still mourn tabs in V8, good news! Søren discusses the package Tabify, which adds tabs to V8, then goes one step further by introducing a new tab package that keeps groups inside tabs for the best of both worlds.

  • Umbraco released Umbraco Heartcore, their headless version of the CMS, this last December. Poornima shows us one way we can harness the way Heartcore exposes the content and media managed in the CMS into a REST API. How? By spicing things up and using it as the data store for an Alexa Skill.

Around the Web

A curated collection of Umbraco things around the web.

  • peter-gregory.jpg

    Preview Bento the Block Page Builder

    Have you seen the preview video that Peter tweeted of the block page builder he's working on called Bento? It's so close to being ready we're super excited for it, too!

  • nathan-woulfe.jpg

    Preserver - Restoring Lost Umbraco Content

    Here at Skrift we've definitely suffered the pain of working on entering an article only to have the power go out. Nathan's new Preserver package would definitely have saved our day!

  • robert-foster.jpg

    Updates to the MemberListView for v7

    Have you used the MemberListView package for Umbraco 7? Either way, there are some nifty things there for those of you maintaining a v7 site (as well as maybe some v8 in the future!)

  • jenn.jpg

    Crafting as Code

    Editor's Pick (Janae): For those of us buried in code day in and day out, we all know the root of our work is puzzles and patterns. I really love seeing this applied to other practical things in our lives like crafting. Sure, we think of woodwork and engineering as math and numbers, but what about more "feminine" crafts like knitting? It's all just code, friends.

  • callum.jpg

    Take Friendliness to the Next Level

    Are you looking to make your website as friendly as possible? Start at the basics with your robots.txt and your sitemap. Callum has two very friendly packages to help you build both dynamically!