Issue No 102

Implementing Reusable Pagination in Umbraco

by Janae Cram

Pagination is a common need in web development, whether on the frontend or backend. Janae saves us from constantly recreating this functionality by showing us how to implement pagination in Umbraco with functionality we can reuse in both our API responses and Razor views, with reusable code that minimizes redundant code!

To Reuse, or Not to Reuse (Content), That is the Question

by Jen Wolke

Umbraco's flexibility is one of its core strengths, but sometimes can be a curse when deciding which approach to use to solve a problem. Jen walks us through such a scenario, showing us how we can structure content with either nested content or reusable content, and discussing the strengths of each for deciding when to use which one.

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A curated collection of Umbraco and industry related tools, tips, tricks, and tutorials from around the web.

Elastic Search with Umbraco

credit: Shannon Deminick

ExamineX now brings the power of Elastic Search to Umbraco, offering a beta release for seamless index syncing across servers without the need for rebuilds. Shannon's game-changing update gets your Umbraco sites scaling effortlessly!

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Install the beta (v10+)
Install the beta (v12+)


credit: Rick Butterfield

Kickstart your Umbraco v14+ package development with umbracodegen! Rick's CLI tool simplifies creating boilerplates for your sections, dashboards, and sidebars. Install, run the commands, and go!

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credit: Kevin Jump

Dive into the world of automated tasks with Kevin's first release of uSync.Complete.Hangfire! This nifty tool leverages Sebastiaan's Hangfire package to supercharge your uSync.Complete commands, making server pushes and restore points a breeze. Check it out to start automating like a pro!

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Umbraco 13 Upgrade And Startup.cs To Program.cs Refactoring Guide

credit: jon d jones

Jon's guide to upgrading to Umbraco 13 is a lifesaver, especially with the shift from Startup.cs to Program.cs. His step-by-step instructions make the transition smooth and hassle-free. Perfect if you're looking to keep your Umbraco sites up-to-date!

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Umbraco headless member auth with external login providers

credit: Jeroen Breuer

Jeroen is here to demystify using external login providers for members with Umbraco's content delivery API, offering a slick auth solution. Check out his seamless integration tips!

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