January 07, 2019 :: Issue No 45
  • Starting a meetup can be rough but also incredibly exciting. Every new take we get on running and starting them helps new areas feel confident in building their own. Mike gives us some great tips and tricks that he's learned from the very new Minneapolis meetup!

  • It's not exactly a New Year's Resolution, but following an #Umbraco twitter conversation on conferences in December, Kyle has issued a "conference challenge" to the organizers of our varying festivals about how we engage with and compensate our speakers.

Around the Web

A curated collection of Umbraco things around the web.

  • look.png

    Umbraco Look Stable Beta

    Have you been following the progress of Umbraco Look, which sits on top of Examine to add faceting and geospatial querying? Well, it's now in beta with a stable API!

  • umbraco-logo-teal

    Looking to the Future - Umbraco 2019

    In case you missed the New Year’s reception with Niels and Anders, here’s your chance to see what’s in store for Umbraco in 2019!

  • alex vilmur.png marcel digital.png

    Bootstrap 4 for Umbraco Forms

    Looking to use modern Bootstrap with your Umbraco Forms? Look no further! Marcel Digital's Alex has a slick NuGet package that will give you Bootstrap 4 themes for your forms.

  • warren-buckley.jpg

    Port Your Packages to v8

    With Umbraco v8 looming on the horizon, Warren has written up a handy guide on moving your existing v7 packages into the new and improved Umbraco.

  • Kevin Jump.jpg

    uSync Your Input

    Love uSync? We do! Kevin is looking for feedback as he starts getting uSync ported into Umbraco v8. This is your chance to have input in the project; give it a look!