August 07, 2018 :: Issue No 40
  • It might be a bold claim that your choice of CMS can be good for your health, but Owain backs his assertion how aspects of Umbraco's back office, its community, and services like Umbraco Cloud do in fact make it a healthy CMS.

  • Before he became a world-famous Umbraco conference DJ, Adam was another hardworking digital agency owner doing what every agency did: make their own CMS. Then he discovered Umbraco. Adam takes us on the journey of how embracing the open source community changed him and motivated him to give back, encouraging you to do the same.

Around the Web

A curated collection of Umbraco things around the web.

  • janae.jpg

    My Odyssey in Teaching Kids Scratch: Part 1

    Want to get involved in teaching kids to code? Don't miss this first-in-a-series on teaching kids about programing, where Janae breaks down how she approached a week of teaching 7 girls and 4 boys ages 9-11 years old how to code.

  • warren-buckley.jpg

    Peek inside Umbraco V8+ NuCache files with the NuCache Explorere tool

    Back for another V8 preview post, Warren gives a rundown on on NuCache and a wee tool he's built to help you explore and view documents inside NuCache.

  • umco.png

    Content List + Property List

    UMCO is back with some more awesomely helpful packages including Content List: a property editor for creating a list of content blocks and Property List: a property editor for making repeatable lists of a datatype.

  • nathan-woulfe.jpg

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could preview Umbraco content without logging in to the backoffice?

    Sharing links to yet-to-be-published content to allow users to participate in the editing and approval process could be quite helpful. Nathan explores the possibility.

The Funnies

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