December 03, 2019 :: Issue No 56
  • Since Umbraco 7 launched in 2013 we've had access to new ways to extend the back office. Kenn feels that despite this we rarely include improving the editor experience in our project budgets. But it doesn't have to be that way. He walks us through the process, showing that it's not time consuming or complicated to create intuitive editor experiences and make successful projects.

  • It's easy to get stuck in a rut, both personally and professionally. Although we're often happy in our habits, it's by taking some risks and getting outside of our comfort zones that we can learn what we're capable of and make new friends in the process. Tim shares his own experiences with doing more crazy stuff and how that's improved his life.

Around the Web

A curated collection of Umbraco things around the web.

  • umbraco-logo-teal

    Welcome Umbraco Heartcore!

    ICYMI: Umbraco Heartcore has launched! Previously Umbraco Headless, Heartcore has everything you love about Umbraco but gives you the flexibility to implement it in your own way.

  • 24Days.jpg

    24 Days of Umbraco!

    What better way to count down your holidays than with 24 Days of Umbraco? We can think of no better advent calendar and we look forward to it every year. Check out the first three days and queue up for more!

  • carole-2.jpg

    Using Heartcore with Alexa

    Want to get started with Heartcore (see the release above!) and Alexa but you're not sure how? Don't worry; Carole has a great Advent Calendar tutorial ready to get you going with code examples and lots of helpful imagery.

  • paul-seal.jpg

    Umbraco 8 YouTube Tutorials

    Are you nervous about getting into Umbraco 8 because you're new or used to v7? Have no fear, Paul is here! If you haven't been following his in-depth, handy YouTube tutorials, you definitely should be as they'll get you started right away :)

  • secret-santa.png

    Umbraco Community Secret Santa

    With the holidays coming, there's all sorts of trivia nights, holiday meetups, and hey... is that Santa we spy? Sign up for the Umbraco Secret Santa (run by Karl & Steve) quickly, the last day is December 4th!