No 73

We Are Not Imposters

by Sian Simms & Emma Hughes

Frontend developers and designers can often feel some imposter syndrome, especially in a backend heavy groups like the .NET-focused Umbraco community. Sian and Emma share their journey as front-end developers and how they overcome imposter syndrome through acknowledging the strengths their role brings to the team.

Creating an Author Picker Using Contentment

by Paul Seal

The best Umbraco packages are ones that make your life easier as a developer and an editor. Lee Kelleher's Contentment is one such package that offers a collection of data editors. For Paul Seal, the editor that stood out was the Data List, which he demonstrates by creating an Author Picker.

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Auto dictionaries

credit: Johannes Lantz

Often when building a site with no intention for multilingual, many static content fields get coded directly into the template, which can be a bear to hunt down if the site shifts! Johannes' new Auto dictionaries package will find static content in your template and help automate the process of moving these into dictionary fields for you.

Download the package

Sift 8: A Filtering Package for Umbraco

credit: Stuart Mullinger

Filtering is a complex beast that always adds an additional layer of work to any website. Thankfully, Stuart has just released Sift, a package for Umbraco that plugs in customizable filtering using Examine.

Download the package
Read the Sift documentation

The Umbraco Backoffice accessibility initiative

credit: Rachel Breeze

Have you been keeping up with Umbraco's accessibility initiative? If not, Rachel has a succinct blog post that outlines the goals, plan, team, and what you can do to help.

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Mapping our journey to accessibility

credit: Joe Glombek

Joe recently gave a fantastic presentation for UMBRAAD (Umbraco Accessibility Awareness Day) about how we can learn about accessibility using maps, and he has followed that up with a useful and detailed blog post that we highly recommend you read!

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Moriyama ConfigBuilder

credit: Darren Ferguson

Configuration files can hold sensitive information such as database passwords and other potential security breaches. Moriyama has created their ConfigBuilder tool to let you build your configuration files on demand and protect your site.

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