Permissions & Copyright

The content of Skrift, both written and visual, is protected by copyright.

Copyright for articles

All articles are the sole property of their respective authors. As such, they cannot be reprinted, with the exception of translations, without first obtaining the author's permission. If you wish to republish an author's article, you have the responsibility of establishing direct contact with them yourselves. If you are seeking to connect with one, consider trying the author link provided in the article, or by searching various social networking services. Skrift has no responsibility or providing contact with an author, nor can speak on their behalf regarding the republication of an article.

Please wait two months

Authors must provide Skrift with a two month exclusive window on published articles from the date of publication, and cannot be reprinted during that time. If you are seeking to reprint an article that has appeared on Skrift, and have received author permission, please check the issue the article was published within to confirm its publishing date.

The following text must be included on the same page as the reprint:

Reprinted with the permission of Skrift and the author[s].”

If the article is being used in a print publication, it must read:

Reprinted with the permission of Skrift ( and the author[s].”

Copyright for illustrations and design

The visual design for Skrift is copyrighted and may not be reproduced. Any illustrations and images that appear on Skrift may not be reproduced except by the artist or designer that created them.

You may publish translations

Skrift articles may be translated into languages other than English, without prior notice and without seeking permission. This is permitted as long as the following conditions are met: the publication the article appears within is free of charge, the translated content is not being sold or generating profit in any fashion, the content of the article is translated faithfully to retain its meaning and format as closely as possible, a link is provided to the original web page the article appeared upon, and the article's author is properly credited and their copyright noted.

This permission does not include the right to include any illustrations or Skrift's design with the translated article. Only its translated text is permitted.