We Want to Hear Your Voice

Umbraco is known as the Friendly CMS thanks to the amazing community built around it. And you, yes, you, are an important part of it. Each one of us has something to bring to the table. Fresh ideas, challenging thoughts, new perspectives, and hard earned lessons.

Skrift wants to be the intersection where your ideas collide, providing something new and interesting for fellow Umbracians to read and learn from. Maybe an article you write will help solve a problem that’s been keeping someone up late at night. Or help them make positive changes in their lifestyle. Or introduce them to new disciplines like UX to take back to their workplace.

That is, if you write it.

Why Should I Write?

We want you to write for us. We want you to help us help you. And while yes, we want you to do it for the community, we also want you to do it for you. Because writing for Skrift is just as good for you as it is for everyone else, and here's why:

  1. You will be an internationally published author. Skrift isn't just "another blog on the internet". We're an online magazine with an ISSN (International Standard Serial Number), which means that as one of our authors, you are officially printed in a publication. Which means...
  2. You will have greater recognition in your field. We all build friends, colleagues, and acquaintances in our community, but by putting yourself out there, you get greater recognition for your ideas and experiences, which makes you an expert. This leads to...
  3. Helping you land your next contract, client, raise, or job. By having Skrift on your resume, you can help push your next raise to your boss, help land that next big contract, or have a nice shiny badge when interviewing for your next job. It's a mark on your bucket list, a sign of prestige, and a gold star in the Umbraco community.

Article Guidelines

We’re looking for original, feature-length articles that run between 1,500 and 2,000 words. We want material that has never been published before elsewhere.

Make sure that your submission:

  • Represents you with a clear voice.
  • Is targeting an audience within the Umbraco community of developers, designers, UX strategists and other roles involved in making websites.
  • Has its facts double-checked and sources cited. Where arguments are given, they are convincing and supported, and not merely opinions.

You can submit us a rough draft, or just short a pitch with an outline. However, the more detailed your submission, the better. Email it to us as a Gist or Markdown file (preferred), plain text, HTML or Google Docs. If you are using images in your article, please send a copy of them separate from your document.

Our team will then review it and respond to your with our feedback or notes. If, after discussing it further with you, we decide that it’s a good fit for Skrift then we will contact you to know that it has been accepted. At that point we’ll schedule it to appear in an upcoming issue and have an editor work with you in transforming the text into a final, cleaned-up state.