Issue No 106

Charting a course through spatial data: A practical guide to using SQL Server for speedy spatial searching

by Jack Chamberlain

Everyone knows the shortest distance between two lines is straight. Except when you live on a sphere, and you can't just dig through the planet. Thankfully, Jack is here to show us how to use SQL Server's geography data type to measure distance between individual points to enable speedy, effective spatial searching!

Introducing the TinyMCE Umbraco Premium Package

by Jason Prothero

Starting in Umbraco v11, the TinyMCE editor shipped with it is now at version 6. Which gives us the ability to implement their whole ecosystem of paid features and plugins. Jason shows us how to harness all this awesome power, using the new TinyMCE Umbraco Premium package!

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A curated collection of Umbraco and industry related tools, tips, tricks, and tutorials from around the web.

Bake Your Own Content Cake: Using Umbraco Services to Whip Up Document Types, Data Types and Content

credit: Simon Napper

Want to master Umbraco services? Simon shows you how to programmatically create document types, data types, and content like a pro. Get baking with Umbraco and get comfortable with a whole assortment of services (ingredients)!

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Icon Pack: Iconoir

credit: Warren Buckley

Warren's new Iconoir package makes this MIT, open-source icon pack available for use in the v14 backoffice. They have fantastic team of contributors, so if you're looking to support more open source and use some awesome icons, this package is a great fit for you!

Download the package

Implementing a confirmation dialog in Umbraco 14

credit: richard soeteman

Need a confirmation dialog in Umbraco 14? Richard has got you covered - He breaks down the process with a quick code snippet, making it super easy to implement. Check it out and get started!

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How to register internal controllers in Umbraco 13+

credit: Dennis Heutinck

It may not be something we think about often, but if we make our controllers internal, we can make its dependencies and public members internal as well! Dennis's latest guide walks you through the setup, ensuring your custom logic is seamlessly integrated. Perfect for only exposing (and documenting) exactly what you want!

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Umbraco 13 - Setting The Backoffice Login Background & Logo From Content Data

credit: Andy Boot

We recently featured Paul's video on changing the login image from content in the backoffice, and Andy has an expansion on it that follows the procedure but has no package requirements - if you want an even more independent customization, you should read it!

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