Photo of Alan Mac Kenna

Alan Mac Kenna

Alan Mac Kenna is a Data Protection Technology Advisor for Trilateral Research and an Umbraco Certified Master who has been happily using the friendliest CMS since 2008. He has a passion for how technology can contribute to realising data protection rights through privacy by design. He can be found on Twitter @alanmackenna or where he writes on topics such as data protection, security and web development, and when he finds the time he is usually plotting the next Umbraco Ireland meetup.

An Umbraco Privacy Health Check

It's been a year since GDPR, which is the perfect time to look at how we as the Umbraco community, the Umbraco CMS itself, and other CMSs, can participate in the journey to better privacy and security. As a member of the Cross-CMS Privacy Working Group, Alan looks at all this and our opportunities to maintain momentum in privacy in a post-GDPR world.