Photo of Amy Czuba

Amy Czuba

I'm Amy Czuba—a sustainability enthusiast and account director at Nexer Digital. Weaving my passion for sustainability and digital has been an interesting journey. Understanding the impact that the digital world has on the real world has been eye opening, and I didn’t like feeling like part of the problem.

Last year I led on writing our company (Nexer Digital’s) sustainability strategy, have worked with many clients on their sustainability strategies, and joined Umbraco’s sustainability community teams.

I’m about to relocate to Sweden to tie up 2023, and I’m excited to meet with, learn from and work with people on their accessibility and sustainability strategies. So, say hi if you fancy a coffee.

Turning the tide on digital sustainability. Organisation or individual, we all can make a difference.

Digital sustainability is as crucial as other environmental concerns, yet often overlooked. With a carbon footprint the size of the airline industry, the digital world's processes from emails to vast data centers have a significant impact on the world around us. Amy is here to bring this challenge in focus, encouraging us to change how we do things to make our industry a more sustainable one.