Photo of Andy Butland

Andy Butland

Andy lives in Bassano del Grappa, Italy and works remotely for Zone, a digital agency now part of Cognizant Digital. He's worked with Umbraco for many years, on projects, packages and core contributions. Find him on Twitter at @andybutland.

Upgrading Umbraco Packages for V8 (Whilst Maintaining Support for V7)

As we know, V8 is out. And for the go-getters out there that means it's time to upgrade those packages to work with the new version! But what about our clients still on V7? Andy is here to share a strategy for updating to V8 while dealing with the realtiy that is maintaining for V7 at the same time.

The Real Value of Open Source

For some potential clients, the perception can exist that open source software's value is as low as its free price. Andy helps turn around that misunderstanding by describe the real source of value in products like Umbraco to clients.

Introduction to Personalisation

Personalisation of website content is a theme Andy is hearing more and more from both his clients and in his project team conversations. Whether it be an e-commerce site looking to put the right products in front of customers or a charity looking to lead with the appropriate content for a given user persona, there's regularly a need to go beyond just a single view of content per page.