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Anthony Dang

Anthony is the Technical Director at Radley Yeldar in London. He has worked in web development since 2007, is active in the open source community (in particular Umbraco CMS), writes tech articles, and is a regular organiser & presenter at conferences and tech meetups. He lives and breathes automation and development processes, and is a vocal proponent of Agile methodologies and Behaviour/Test Driven Development. He has experience in creating high performing remote production teams spanning multiple countries, an Agile/Scum/Kanban enthusiast, and is always looking for ways to make development more efficient and enjoyable. Originally from Sydney, Australia, he is now based in London.

A Perspective On Caching In Umbraco

Good, fast code is always better than caching. But when you need to cache, make sure you can control it and turn it off. Anthony walks us through his perspective of caching in Umbraco, and offers an alternative caching pattern to help you gain better control of your cache.