Photo of Benjamin Carleski

Benjamin Carleski

Benjamin is a soccer dad first, Umbraco developer second. An Umbraco Certified Expert, he has been working with ProWorks for the past 4 years, only recently coming on as a full-time employee. When not chilling in the office, you'll likely find him in the attic of his house, trying to wire up his latest gadget, or refereeing out on the soccer fields, keeping his 7 future soccer stars in check.

Umbraco Cloud Failover with Azure

Paul and Ben believe in Umbraco Cloud, but it lacks geo-redundancy for the service (AKA failover) and load-balancing for individual projects. Spurred on by (rare) outages in early 2019, they've created a failover environment to use with Umbraco Cloud. Better yet, they've shared with us their solution, which is useful for cases such as zero downtime upgrades and blue-green deployments

Umbraco Migrations Made Easy

Migrating data from old versions of Umbraco to new ones with the ID to UDI changes can be intimidating, especially when you have large amounts of data. Benjamin takes us through using Umbraco Migrations and how to implement it to make your upgrades seamless and painless.