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Brittany Dufort

Brittany has been a .NET developer since 2011 focusing on web development and MVC. She started developing in Umbraco in October 2014 and it was love at first site. When she's not reading blogs and catching up on the latest tech trends, you can find her at the ocean or exploring Boston, in the kitchen baking and cooking, traveling, and in the middle of 10 DIY projects. She's played piano since she was 3 and is a Spotify addict.

Separation of Authoring & Delivery Environments

Creating an Umbraco project with separate authoring and delivery environments is no easy task. But once accomplished, it provides clients with benefits such as added security and quick recovery from a site being compromised. Thankfully, Brittany Dufort is here to walk us through the process step by step, telling us why, what, and how to set it up.