Photo of Busra Sengul

Busra Sengul

Busra is Umbraco and .Net developer at Bump Digital, a Documentation Curator at Umbraco, working remotely from Turkey. She is also a Umbraco Certified Grand Master and an MVP x2 and also a meetup organizer. An active member of the Umbraco community, a general Umbraco lover. She has dedicated her life to lifetime learning and gets over-excited over cool projects. She also enjoys latin dancing, hiking, swimming, reading, knitting. She is the big sister of two and loves to listen and play the role of in-house therapist.

Creating a Custom Language Analyzer for Umbraco 8

With some languages, Examine's searches can cause incorrect results due to the flattening of special characters. Thankfully, Busra is here to show us how to fix this with two different approaches at creating a custom language analyzer for Umbraco!

Encryption Injection in V8

In a GDPR world, there's data, such as the details of registered users on a site, that we need to keep encrypted. Busra, having recently done this in a V7 website using encryption injection. This made her curious about implementing encryption injection in V8, and after accomplishing this she walks us through the steps you can take to do it yourself.