Photo of Dirk Seefeld

Dirk Seefeld

Dirk has been a computer enthusiast since he was young. Nevertheless, he studied graphic design and started his career in desktop publishing. After a few years he worked for a multimedia agency, where he programmed and animated interactive games for children.

Since 1997 he has focused on web development and has created many marketing websites. In 2009 he discovered Umbraco CMS and it was love at first sight. And after his first Codegarden in 2010, he was sure that Umbraco, its community and philosophy would influence the rest of his life.

Dirk lives with his wife and small dog in Hamburg, Northern Germany. He relaxes by listening to fantasy and science fiction stories, watching related videos or playing such computer games.

Test Evolution With Umbraco v9 to v11

It's not hard to convince developers that automated tests are useful in their workflow. But it's not always obvious where and how to use tests in practice when getting into Test Driven Development (TDD). Dirk has experienced this struggle firsthand and is here to share with us the lessons he's learned, demonstrating his own approach to TDD.