Photo of Emma Burstow

Emma Burstow

As Director of Developer Relations at Umbraco, with almost a decade in the industry, Emma is a firm believer in the importance of tech communities and the value in collaborating, contributing and creating pathways for newcomers. A .NET developer and Microsoft MVP, Emma spends her free time open water swimming, playing video games with her kids and hiking the Danish Countryside with her rescue dog.

Celebrating a Century of Skrift: Where Umbracians go to Share

Join Emma as she reflects on her evolution from tech novice to an influential contributor in the Umbraco community. She shares the importance of collaboration, the value of diverse voices, and how Umbraco continues to be enriched by the collective effort and varied backgrounds that continue to enrich the Umbraco ecosystem!

Working It Out — One developer’s search for work that works for her and what she has learned while searching

Umbraco may be one big web development community, but within the web development world, both in and out of Umbraco, we can find a wide range of business types: from agencies to freelancers to in-house teams of companies with other focuses. As someone who's moved through many of these roles and is now contracting, Emma has gained insight on not just the work we do, but how we do our work.

The Fun We Had in Fyn - An Attendee's Account of the Codegarden Retreat

From the outside looking in, the Codegarden Retreat can seem like a mysterious pre-festival event. What goes on there? What's its purpose? As one of the attendees this year, Emma got a first-hand look at what retreat was like, and shares her experience with a round-up of what was accomplished.