Photo of Emmanuel Tissera

Emmanuel Tissera

Emmanuel is a Umbraco Certified Master and the co-organizer for the Melbourne Umbraco meet-ups. He is currently a Technical Lead at Luminary with almost 18 years of professional experience including six years at Emirates airline. Emmanuel is passionate about content localisation, content management systems, and content as a service. He's been working with Umbraco since 2009. In his spare time, Emmanuel could be either found on a ladder repairing a mess of his own making or reading fiction by the fireplace.

An Omnichannel experience with Umbraco Heartcore

With Umbraco Heartcore we can create and manage our content in the Umbraco back-office and then use its API endpoints to distribute it wherever we want. Emmanuel shows us how this empowers us to create an Omnichannel experience with Heartcore, letting us target our customers through unified sales and marketing channels.