Photo of Erica Quessenberry

Erica Quessenberry

Fellow Skrift co-founder Erica Quessenberry is a  world wanderer, domestic road-tripping camper, and vegan foodie who is happiest when out experiencing all nature has to offer. A 7x Umbraco MVP, she is an independent UX/UI consultant who works with Umbraco devs around the world improving experiences and interfaces and strives at amplifying diverse voices and sharing knowledge through Skrift Magazine. She understands the value of being a part of a community and is keen on helping others get involved and feel welcome and seen.

Vite and Umbraco v13+

A follow up to Jason Elkin's original "Vite and Umbraco for Faster Frontend Builds", Erica walks through the updated process of setting up a frontend project and configuring it to work with Umbraco v13.

How to Cope with Motivation Withdrawal

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us, impacting the daily routines even for those of us who already worked remote. As an introvert who works remote, Erica was surprised to discover that her motivation was destroyed from the stress of our "new normal". She managed to escape her funk, however, and wanted to share what she's discovered while rebuilding her motivation.

Make 2017 Great by Attending a Festival!

It's a new year, and that means a new round of festivals to plan on attending. Erica walks us through why festivals are important, how you benefit from attending them, and tips on how to convince your boss to send you (or why you should send yourself!).

Letter from the Editor: Six Degrees of Separation

Skrift's Erica Quessenberry talks about how her international experiences drove her to want to improve people's lives, and her realization about how the web industry does it every day.