Photo of Jan Skovgaard

Jan Skovgaard

Jan is as an accessibility caring frontend developer who works at Vertica A/S, which is a company aiming to build the best e-commerce solutions for both the B2C and B2B markets. He built his first Umbraco powered website on version 2.1.6 and has been a part of the Umbraco community for many years doing various different community contributions, involving helping people on the forums, doing community events in Aarhus and hopelessly trying to keep up with his colleague Kenn Jacobsen, doing pull requests to Umbraco core. Furthermore he is part of the umbazing team behind the annual Umbraco advent calendar known as 24 days in Umbraco CMS.

Accessibility in an Umbraco Context

The Umbraco CMS and community pride themselves on their friendliness. For Jan, part of being friendly means making the Umbraco backoffice as accessible as possible, both in modifying the patterns in our own projects as well as helping out in updating the backoffice itself with best practices.