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Jeffrey Schoemaker

Jeffrey Schoemaker is manager web development at Perplex Internetmarketing, a Dutch internet marketing agency. Perplex has created more than 100 different websites and webshops for a variety of clients (including, but not limited to Mercedes-Benz, Specsavers, Bolsius and AZL) using Umbraco. This year Jeffrey was rewarded an Umbraco MVP Award for his contributions to the Core. He loves to think, write and speak about security, accessibility and UX

I Have a <del>Nightmare</del> Dream About Umbraco and GDPR

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation is coming in 2018, and with it guidelines on how to protect the personal data of European citizens. If you're making a website visited by Europeans, it applies to you and your site. Jeffrey has taken a hard look at the GDPR and what changes Umbraco and its community of developers should make to meet these guidelines.