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Johan Reitsma

Hi, my name is Johan Reitsma. I am a Lead Developer at TRES in the Netherlands. I am a Umbraco Certified Master and a big fan of Umbraco since 2013 and a .NET developer since 2005.

I've been working with Umbraco since 2014. I have had a chance to work with various versions of Umbraco (v7, v8, and v10). My love for Umbraco is huge because of the community and because of the power to build great websites or applications using Umbraco.

After work, I spent a lot of time on my little girl and girlfriend and occasionally some time with my classic car (Opel Manta (Type B1)) and Lego . I constantly learn more about Umbraco by following MVPs and reading blogs on Medium, Skrift, 24Days, and others blogs. You can hook up with me on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram

You can hook up to me on TwitterLinkedIn or Instagram

Clean up your Umbraco Application with no FTP Access!

Having FTP access to your Umbraco application can lead to problems, such as changes being made without version control that can be lost in deploys and pipelines. But without FTP access, how can you clean up your application? Johan's hear to help, showing us how we can use MS Web Deploy and a publish profile to clean up unwanted files without FTP!