Photo of Josh Seifert

Josh Seifert

Josh is a project manager at ProWorks, an Umbraco Gold Partner located in Corvallis, Oregon. He is an Umbraco Certified Master. He spends a lot of the workday talking to people who had their CMS chosen for them by someone else, and considers it a huge victory when they say that Umbraco is a better fit than they originally understood. Josh audibly cringes at requests for "widgets", and he likes endurance sports and telling everyone how brilliant they are.

Umbraco's Guide to the WordPress Gallery

We live in a world where WordPress powers more than 27% of all web pages. As such, many clients have expectations formed from their Wordpress experiences, thinking that a great website is only a few plugins away with minimal fuss. Josh helps us examine what kind of expectations clients may have, and how to challenge those and show how experts with Umbraco can make a better web experience.