Photo of Laura Weatherhead

Laura Weatherhead

Laura is a full-stack Developer at Spun and is currently working with Crumpled Dog in London. She has been working with Umbraco since 2012, is an Umbraco Certified Expert and an MVP 2019. When she's not being challenged by her computer, she can be found on a trampoline or hanging upside down at the nearest circus school!

Saving the world with Umbraco and GraphQL

GraphQL is a powerful tool for querying data for use in your client-side applications, allowing the client-side to define the data it needs from the server. Laura shows us how to use GraphQL with Umbraco to get bespoke data alongside Umbraco content from a custom dashboard, and does so to build a tool to track her own carbon footprint as part of her efforts to help contribute to saving the world.