Photo of Lotte Pitcher

Lotte Pitcher

Lotte is a .NET / Umbraco developer, Microsoft MVP and passionate advocate for being an active member of a healthy, inclusive tech community. She is part of the Developer Relations team at Umbraco and runs PAM Internet, a micro-agency in London. Outside of work, Lotte is most likely to be found on a padel court, strumming a ukulele, or being a Candid Contributions podcast host.

100 Issues Later: You’ve Come a Long Way, Umbraco!

Embark on a nostalgic and insightful journey through Umbraco's past with Lotte as Skrift celebrates its 100th issue. Let's join her as she looks at the milestones and changes in technology and people that Umbraco experienced these past eight years, as well as the initiatives that are making our community a more inclusive place going into the future.

MVC Helpers and how they can work in Umbraco

Lotte puts forward the case of using HTML Helpers when using strongly typed models in Umbraco, explaining why the extra keystrokes involved are a worthwhile investment.