Photo of Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez

Mario has been a web developer for more than 15 years, he is Umbraco Certified Master and has presented in a few events such as UDUF or the Melbourne Umbraco Meetup. He's involved in the Umbraco community as much as he can and has developed a few packages for Umbraco. He loves VFX and in a previous life, he worked as a motion graphic designer and 3D artist for the media industry. 

A Brighter Editor Experience

Umbraco is famous as the Friendly CMS. But as friendly as the editor experience can be out of the box, we have the power to make it even better. Mario shows us a number of great tricks and packages for improving the editor experience, and better yet, doing it without affecting the budget too much.

Multi-site Umbraco and Front Door Setup

Umbraco's capability to run multiple sites on the same installation helps us share code between sites and save development effort. Mario shows us how we can take advantage of this capability by pairing with with Front Door, a service offered by Azure.