Photo of Matt Brailsford

Matt Brailsford

Matt is a 7 time Umbraco MVP, regular Umbraco events speaker, co-organizer of the beloved Umbraco community event Codecabin and prolific package developer, many of of which have made their way into the Umbraco core such as Nested Content and the Health Check Dashboard. Now a full-time commercial package developer at Outfield Digital, Matt is a big part of the team behind the latest eCommerce platform for Umbraco, Vendr.

In his spare time Matt is a collector of vintage 80s tech and a keen maker of all sorts of things, from his own custom arcade machines using Raspberry Pi's, to bespoke LEGO brickheadz creations. When Matt does have some down time, he likes to spend it with his wife and business partner Lucy going for walks and playing games with their new member of the family, Tiggy the cockapoo.

The Challenge of .NET Core for Umbraco Package Developers

Umbraco's upcoming move to .NET Core will be a challenge for package developers, as it's not backwards compatible with the .Net Framework. Matt outlines the challenges ahead, as well as the different strategies that package maintainers should consider to manage the transition.

Creating A UI Layer For Custom Content With UI-O-Matic 2

The simplicity of Umbraco's backoffice UI can be quickly lost when we step outside of standard website content and into custom territory and "bespoke" development where inconsistent Bootstrap-based UIs and buggy editors raise their ugly heads. Thankfully, UI-O-Matic, now at version 2.0, is here to help, with Matt showing how we can all save us from ourselves.