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Michael Latouche

Michael is a web developer, owner of CrossingPATHS sprl in Brussels, where he has been building web sites for over 15 years. His focus on code quality and optimization lead him to follow technical evolutions as close as possible and to try them out on his projects whenever possible. Michael has been working with Umbraco since 2009 and contributes to its community as much as he can. In his spare time, you will find him following his sons' basketball team as parent and referee, renovating his house or enjoying a family bicycle ride. Catch him on twitter as @michaellatouche, or on LinkedIn.

An Introduction to MEF Applied in the Umbraco Real-World

What is the "Managed Extensibility Framework"? How do you use it with Umbraco? And will it make your life easier as a developer? Michael has the answers to all these questions, showing how this composition framework can simplify your code.