Photo of Mike Masey

Mike Masey

Mike is an Umbraco Certified Master, organiser of the Umbraco Virtual meetup and occasional Kent Umbraco Meetup and a Developer at Yoyo Design. Other interests include snowboarding, gaming and his husky Nymerah.

SVG Icons in Umbraco

When Mike discovered that the icon fonts used in the Umbraco backoffice create accessibility issues for users with dyslexia, he ended upon a two-year journey to create an accessible solution with SVGs that wouldn't break the backoffice in the process. He describes for us why it was a problem, and the steps he and and other developers took to fix it to make Umbraco an even friendlier CMS.

Responsible Animations for the Web

Animations are the flare that everyone wants on their website (or app), but how do we approach them responsibly? Mike touches on everything from accessibility to performance in this follow-up article to his Umbraco UK Fest presentation.