Photo of Paul Sterling

Paul Sterling

Paul has been working with Umbraco since 2006, is an Umbraco MVP, and is now CTO for Mold Inspection Sciences, an environmental inspection and testing organization dedicated to helping people live and work in healthy environments. He lives in Bellingham, WA (USA) where he spends most of his spare time outdoors, usually in the rain.

Umbraco Cloud Failover with Azure

Paul and Ben believe in Umbraco Cloud, but it lacks geo-redundancy for the service (AKA failover) and load-balancing for individual projects. Spurred on by (rare) outages in early 2019, they've created a failover environment to use with Umbraco Cloud. Better yet, they've shared with us their solution, which is useful for cases such as zero downtime upgrades and blue-green deployments

Integrating Umbraco Cloud with Team Development Workflow

Umbraco Cloud is a great choice for new Umbraco sites. It's even better when it's integrated into an automated team development workflow. Paul and Ryan show us the build and development workflow they've established for this using Bitbucket, TeamCity, and OctopusDeploy.