Photo of Pete Duncanson

Pete Duncanson

Founder and Managing Director at Offroadcode, Pete is a problem solving, project managing, new business winning developing machine who makes the company tick and ensures his team is always able to do their best work.

Presenting is a Team Sport

Speaking at a conference can be exhilarating, intimidating, and potentially full of unknown hitches. Pete gives us insight into what presenters should pay attention to when giving a talk and how audience participation can make all the difference. Perfect as we dive into UK Fest this week!

We Are All Addicts

Almost every worker in our industry has pushed themselves a little too far chasing that addictive rush of solving a problem with code, working too long of hours and living too little in the process. This holiday season Pete shares with us his past struggles and how he keeps that dopamine rush from making him a workaholic.

Best practises can kill your work life balance

There's something about code and a life in development that makes us strive for perfection. Sometimes, however, that way of thinking just makes us miserable. Pete shares how to find peace with yourself and put aside the craft of the industry to get projects out the door and have a happier view of your own measure.