Photo of Sam Bailey

Sam Bailey

Sam is the Social Media Manager at The Cogworks London HQ and is known for asking all the important questions such as - 'But what should we hashtag this?' Her day-to-day activities include encouraging her colleagues to eat doughnuts so that she can Instagram them...needless to say this makes her very popular in the office, and when she's not force feeding people doughnuts or making them pose with unicorns, she spends her time raising the profile of The Cogworks and Umbraco, with a focus on the new emerging community in Poland. Outside the office you will find her watching crime shows and calming herself down with yoga (seriously though, she's pretty good).

Why Community Matters When Planning an Umbraco Festival

As the force behind the Umbraco UK and Umbraco Poland festivals, The Cogworks has learned a lot about what is needed to run an Umbraco Festival. Their very own Sam Bailey shares their experiences in running festivals, the role of community in them, and gives advice for those looking to operate their own.