DF: Dutch Umbraco Experience

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07 October 2022

Utrecht, NL


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20-21 December 2021



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02 October 2020

a Virtual Event


02 October: DF20 a Virtual Umbraco Event

On the 2nd of October the team behind DUUGfest will organize a free online event: DF20 a Virtual Umbraco Experience. Although organized by the Dutch Umbraco User Group, this event is entirely in English and will span over 12 hours! The Umbraco Community from all around the world will be able to watch live content in their timezone.

DF20 will be a mix of virtual and live-studio sessions including expert round-table sessions around various Umbraco subjects. Our studio-venue allows for a very limited live audience and presenters. The main focus of this event is development with Umbraco. Keynotes will be by none other than Scott Hanselman (Coder, Blogger, Teacher, Speaker, Author at Microsoft) and, of course, Umbraco Founder Niels Hartvig. The program will start with various sessions by speakers from the Umbraco or .NET community, giving you insights in everything Umbraco and surrounding Umbraco development.

Next to the community sessions there will be round-table sessions. These sessions will be hosted at our studio location and will feature various guests.  Each round-table will have at least one colleague from HQ attending, having a discussion with a person at the table and other up to 2 virtual guests at the same time.

As an online attendee of the event you are able to ask questions in the chat and have the panel answer or discuss them. The round-table talks are moderated by a host, who will keep the discussion going and civilized.

The three round table sessions are:

Umbraco CMS
This panel will discuss the current state of the open-source Umbraco CMS, what is going well, what is in the (near) future (.Net Core!), but also the influence of Umbraco Uno and Umbraco Heartcore on our open-source offering.

Umbraco Ecosystem
We have seen more commercial offerings in the last 12 months than ever before. Is Umbraco the right fit for your commercial offering going forward? What about all the open-source and free offerings? How can we improve the Umbraco ecosystem together?

Umbraco Community
2020 has been an interesting year for Umbraco Community, with lots of positive things happening, but also there was COVID-19 which made it quite tough all around the world to be around people, meetup or host events. What is the role of the community in the open-source world of Umbraco? Does it make sense as an agency to invest in the Umbraco community? 

After the keynotes and round-tables there will be another round of community sessions and a time where our US audience can comfortably join in.

All information can be found at https://www.df20.nl, where you can also register for free to this event!

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11 October 2019

Utrecht, Netherlands


11 October: DUUGFest | Utrecht

In less than a moth, the Dutch Umbraco Festival is returning to Utrecht with an amazing line up of speakers from around the world!

If you want to know what can be done with Umbraco there will be case-studies and beginners sessions. If you already work with Umbraco as a developers there are in-depth sessions like 'how to create content apps' in Umbraco 8 and 'how generate create static sites' with Umbraco.

During the day there is a full business track with sessions like 'Next generation agencies on Umbraco Cloud' and there are sessions on personal skills to get you thinking. As an agency owner or marketing professional DUUGfest will offer you new business insights and possibilities with Umbraco.

This year there will be the possibility to signup for two workshops. So if you are thinking of 'migrating an Umbraco 7 to Umbraco 8 site' or want to 'get the most out of your SEO in Umbraco' there are workshops to learn how to do this! Signups for the workshops will be opened in the last weeks before DUUGfest.

Follow us on our social channels (Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) to be the first to know!

We'll see you in Utrecht on 11 October!

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05 October 2018

Utrecht, Netherlands


5th October: Dutch Umbraco Festival

In less than a month, on the 5th of October the Dutch Umbraco Festival is taking place. Bigger and better than ever before! This year we managed to bring this full-day event to an 'Umbraquesque' old factory in the city of Utrecht.

We were able to get 22 speakers from all around the world! With speakers from Australia, United States, Greece, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland, Belgium and of course the Netherlands talking about Umbraco, Cloud & DevOps and deep dive in software craftmanship.

Besides all the technical talks, this DUUGFest has talks on how to work on you soft skills from experienced developers. The 3 tracks are conveniently named 100% Umbraco, DevOps & Cloud and Social Skills.

With highlights like keynotes from Pluralsight authors Jeff Strauss and Jonathan Mills from Kansas City, Laurent Bugnion a Cloud Developer Advocate from Microsoft Switzerland about all things Azure and Lars Klint from Australia will share a his “lifehacks”.

Of course there are talks by Sebastiaan Janssen and Anders Sørensen from Umbraco HQ about Umbraco, Umbraco Cloud, Umbraco Headless and Umbraco HQ itself and we have the best speakers from the Umbraco Community!

Did we mention there is going to be a live UmbraCoffee by Marcin and Callum, who both also will host a talk?!

The festival this year ends with a big finale, UmbraNight will see the light of day. 4 speakers will take on the challenge and present Ignite-style talks during snacks and beer!

Check out all the sessions and speakers and grab you tickets!

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06 October 2017

Amsterdam, Netherlands


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07 October 2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands