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15 April 2021



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01-03 April 2020 [CANCELLED]

Chicago, USA


1-3 April: Umbraco US Festival

The Umbraco US Festival is back for 2020 in Chicago and we've got a lot of exciting things happening! First, we are offering a full day workshop training course on Umbraco Security for 50% OFF! In addition, when you register for the training course, you also get your festival ticket for 50% OFF! It’s a savings of $680! Head over to the Umbraco US Festival website, click "Register” to get signed up today!

What ELSE do we have in store? We’ve got some awesome presentations lined up from:

  • Niels Hartvig - Umbraco Founder
  • Kim Sneum Madsen - Umbraco CEO
  • Anders Trans Sørensen - Umbraco Friend Maker
  • Callum Whyte - Umbraco MVP, Developer, & Host of UmbraCoffee
  • Raj Krishnan - Microsoft Cloud Solutions Architect
  • And more

And presentation topics covering our development and business/marketing tracks including:

  • Azure Serverless
  • Migrating to Umbraco 8
  • Untangling Web Accessibility
  • The Three Musketeers: Website Migrations, SEO, and Analytics
  • Cloud Baselines: The Pleasures and Perils
  • And more

We’ll also have networking socials, yummy food, raffles, excellent swag, and well, you just don’t want to miss this 😊

Visit the Umbraco US Festival website for more details and register to get your tickets today!

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11-12 October 2018

Chicago, USA


11-12th October: Umbraco US Festival

The Umbraco US Festival is just around the corner on October 11th and 12th in Chicago (see why we chose it!), and we've got some exciting things to announce! First, we're offering a 25% DISCOUNT to all Skrift subscribers! Simply head over to the Umbraco US Festival website, click "Buy Tickets", click the "Enter promo code" above the ticket selection widget, and enter: skrift18.

We’ve also got a TON of great things in store for you and the Umbraco community. In fact, we’re expanding presentations this year to focus on two tracks: one for the development side of Umbraco and another for the business / marketing side of Umbraco. This means more presentations on the innovation of Umbraco and it’s ability to help your business grow and scale!

What to look forward to? How about presentations from an allstar Umbraco lineup:

  • Niels Hartvig, Umbraco Founder
  • Stephan Gay, Umbraco Core Developer
  • Omkar Naik, Microsoft
  • Martin Sandvad, UCommerce

And many more, including an Umbraco HQ Q+A!

Head over to our tickets page, use skrift18, and get your 25% discount now!

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16-17 March 2017

Denver, USA


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04 March 2016

San Diego, USA