It’s All About Knowledge Sharing – the Unique Role of Umbraco Festivals

Why are Umbraco Festivals relevant and important to attend – for you, for companies and for the platform itself?

It’s all about knowledge sharing. Without knowledge sharing we will never evolve – or maybe we will, but it will take ages. The same mistakes would be made over and over again, and only few would learn from the successes being made. Thus, knowledge sharing is important to drive development, create innovation and develop own personal skills.  

To share knowledge shouldn’t be rocket science – but easy and accessible. Exactly what the Umbraco Festivals all over the world try to do by bringing communities together and by putting together inspirational programmes – and the Umbraco DK Festival is no exception.

Sharing our knowledge at the festival has a great amount of value – not only for you personally, but also for organizations and the clients and consumers you work with. 

If we as Umbracians treasure the opportunity to share knowledge with our peers, we also gain relevant and Umbraco specific knowledge, which allow us to build an even greater collective Umbraco intelligence.

When we share knowledge we utilize what we know to create value and improve quality. Often all of us have knowledge, which is more or less unconscious. It’s often knowledge we haven’t directly spoken with others about, but which turns out to be effective for our way of working or the technical methods we apply. It can also be personal reflections learned from failures or successes. The Umbraco Festivals aims at bringing forward the attendees conscious and unconscious knowledge for the entire community to gain value, learn and become even better and innovative Umbracians.   

Today we find ourselves in a time where a lot of technological and digital progress is happening – also within Umbraco. We see changes to the underlying platform, cross platform support and much more which give rise to Umbraco being used in different and new ways. Opportunities and possibilities that will make it so much more fun to work with Umbraco – and at the same time makes even more relevant to share knowledge, join faces, create network and inspire each other in new and better ways.

One could actually argue that it has never been more important to take the time to create network and share experiences with fellow peers. And the Umbraco Festivals are for sure one of the best opportunities to share best practices, experiences and knowledge - and not to forget – connect with a dedicated community who shares the Umbraco excitement.

We hope that you after attending the Umbraco DK Festival, or any other Umbraco Festival, leave feeling inspired with fresh ideas and new learnings that you can apply to your job and share with your colleagues. 

Therefore, we also recommend that you after the festival share your learnings; maybe it can help develop business and spark new and fresh ideas to others. 

We hope to see you at Umbraco DK Festival on November 24, 2022 in Aarhus, Denmark.

At Kraftvaerk we are hosting the Umbraco DK Festival for the ninth time. No matter if you’re new to the community or joined many times before, we hope you want to join.

Malene H. Rolsted

Malene H. Rolsted is Senior Marketing Manager at Kraftvaerk, a digital consultancy that helps companies to reach their digital potential through strategic development and digital solutions. Kraftvaerk is the organizer of the Danish Umbraco Festival and Malene has taken active part of the planning during the last five years. During this time, Malene has experienced the uniqueness of the Umbraco community which she believes is important to support and value – among other things via the yearly Umbraco Festivals around the world.

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