Photo of Andrew McKaskill

Andrew McKaskill

Andrew is a BIMA 100 Tech Pioneer and Lead Technical Architect for leading digital customer experience agency Great State. He has a degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence and has been developing and designing software solutions for businesses for over 20 years.

Andrew is also a keen DIY’er, using his skills to plan out and build decks, sheds, and even retaining walls. When not juggling life with kids he is also a leader of the local Cub scout group and loves cooking, reading and walking his Corgi.

Using Forked Libraries in .NET - Part 1: Setting up a Forked Library

In the open-source realm, developers often juggle multiple commitments, leading to delays in reviewing pull requests—a challenge when quick tweaks to supporting libraries are needed. And the Nuget package system with packages as binaries has its own challenge to managing your own forked library version. In Part 1 of this series, Andrew will start us down this path with forking the library and incorporating the projects as direct references.