Photo of Bogdan Kosarevskyi

Bogdan Kosarevskyi

Bogdan Kosarevskyi is a DevOps engineer in UKAD, a software development firm based in Ukraine. He provides smooth deployment and perfect performance for Umbraco projects, masters new technologies, and creates DIY gadgets. Alongside engineering and contributing to the community, Bogdan enjoys cycling around postindustrial wastelands around Kharkiv's outskirts. He is one of the DevOps folks who believe that DevOps is an ideology, not just a job.

Non-standard Usage of Umbraco Hosted in Kubernetes

The newer versions of Umbraco have unlocked the ability to run Umbraco in new environments, including Kubernetes. This gives developers more room to experiment with Umbraco in new ways than ever before. Bogdan shows us one such experiment, creating an inventory management system (after all, aren't computers content as well?) in Umbraco that is hosted in Kubernetes.

How to Build Umbraco Cloud: The Fresh Approach

When we're setting up CI/CD with Azure DevOps we're not just seeking to deploy to some random somewhere. Instead, we have a unified build we're seeking to deliver to development, staging, and production environments, each with a different version. Bogdan helps us fill in this missing step that can be left out of CI/CD tutorials, showing us how to set up our pipeline that doesn't end with us just "deploying something somewhere".