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Janae Cram

Janae Cram is a co-creator and the code behind Skrift. She's a bit of a perfectionist and likes her code to look as pretty as the front-facing applications she creates as a freelance Umbraco developer. She has an odd collection of My Little Ponies, loves to play video games and dress up like a geek for LARP on Friday nights, and has recently started VTubing on twitch. Her D&D class of choice is Bard, because if you can kick ass and sing, why wouldn't you?

Dynamic Fills/Strokes on SVG Background Images

SVGs load faster and scale better than other image types on the web. But when used as backgrounds, you can't use background-color, fill, or stroke to dynamically reuse them in different colors elsewhere on your site. But not all hope is lost! Janae's here to help, providing us with an easy-to-implement solution that lets us make the most of our SVGs.

Burning Out at Both Ends

Burnout is a common issue that developers suffer. The tech industry is high octane all the time, and in many cases crunch time is a normal. But is that the root of burnout, or is it something else, and how do you deal with it if you are suffering from it? During this time in which we're all dealing with even more stress, Janae takes a moment to examine her own struggle with burnout, where it comes from, and hopefully some ways to get out of it.

Running MS Build with Grunt

Sometimes, back-end developers don't want to bother with Visual Studio and sometimes front-end developers would like to do a build without having Visual Studio even installed. This can be done! Inspired by a virtual meeting with GLUUG, Janae talks us through setting up Grunt to run MS Build with some VS Code tricks on the side so you (almost) never have to touch Visual Studio again.

Decluttering Your Remote Work Life

Working remote can seem like a dream to a cubicle coder. No commute. No pants. No boss over your shoulder. But when you work where you live, your "office" and your life can become a cluttered mess. Janae gives practical advice on how to declutter your remote work life in order to safeguard both your productivity and sanity.

Letter from the Editor: Fellowship of the U

At Skrift we can't get enough of what it means to be in a community as connected and friendly as Umbraco's. Our own Janae Cram discusses her own past struggles to find a group to belong to, and what community, especially the Umbraco community, means personally to her.