Photo of Jen Wolke

Jen Wolke

.NET architect.  Umbraco Aficionado and Certified Expert.  I’ve been building websites with Umbraco since 2021 and it was love at first site.  From our first meeting, I knew the friendly CMS was the one for me!

Ten Commandments for Building a Website Using a CMS

As web professionals, we try to follow best practices in every aspect of our trade. Jen's experience with CMSes have led her to develop the best practices for building with them, which she's summarized in ten commandments for us to follow.

To Reuse, or Not to Reuse (Content), That is the Question

Umbraco's flexibility is one of its core strengths, but sometimes can be a curse when deciding which approach to use to solve a problem. Jen walks us through such a scenario, showing us how we can structure content with either nested content or reusable content, and discussing the strengths of each for deciding when to use which one.

Block Power!

The C in CMS stands for Content. We can help our editors be more efficient with their content by setting up their Umbraco experience to utilize blocks, both simple and complex, to make content easier to enter and more reusable. Join Jen as she shows us how we can harness Block Power!