Photo of Jeroen Koppenol

Jeroen Koppenol

Jeroen is a .NET Developer and Certified Umbraco Master at Arlanet, part of 4NG. His day-to-day job consists mostly out of working with Umbraco and he is excited about stretching the boundaries of what it can do. In addition, he likes to convince potential customers of the power and possibilities of Umbraco. Most of his spare time is spent on listening and writing music, from which he draws a lot of creativity.

Centralized Logging with Umbraco

When you've load-balanced your application's front-end and API, you've solved one problem but created another: now your logs are split between all the instances. Thankfully, Jeroen is here to show us how to streamline them into a single log using Azure File Share!

Umbraco and Blazor

Blazor is an exciting upcoming technology, making it possible to use C# to create client-side logic, like you would with JavaScript. Since the upcoming version of Umbraco (Umbraco 9) is built on .NET 5, the opportunity to use Blazor components arises, but how?