Photo of Nicholas Westby

Nicholas Westby

Nick is the Associate Technology Director at Rhythm Agency and creator of Formulate an Umbraco form builder. Nick also enjoys frontend work, and created Dompiler, a tiny 1KB JavaScript library for HTML templating.

Resilient Dynamic Properties in Razor Views Using SafeExpandoObject

As part of Formulate's Designed Emails feature, Nicholas wanted it easy as possible to create a Razor view to access form-submitted data that could send nice-looking emails even if some fields were changed or had the wrong casing. His solution, which he teaches us, was to create fault-tolerant, case-insensitive, dynamic properties using SafeExpandoObject.

Building Umbraco Websites with Archetype Widgets and Ditto

Umbraco lets us build sites virtually any way we please, which can be both a blessing and a curse with an overwhelming range of choices. Nicholas is here to help with a technique he thinks virtually everybody can make use of: making websites with widgets using Archetype and Ditto.

Bulletproof Interface Deserialization in Json.NET

Deserialization is hard, with a lot of tricky situations that can arise. Nicholas Westerby has walked through this dark land and faced its dangers firsthand, and fortunately for us he's willing to share the techniques he used to defeat the deserialization beast.