Photo of Owain Williams

Owain Williams

Owain's been using Umbraco since 2016 and is an active Umbraco Community member and an Umbraco MVP. When not online, he can be found running, climbing and just enjoying the great outdoors.

Building a Tweeting Content App

Many of us have those side projects that we start, but never get around to finishing. Owain knows what that's like, but this time he finished one where he's created a content app, in this case a Twitter dashboard, and packaged it into an Umbraco 9 Package. Follow along as he shows us how he did it step by step.

Blog to Markdown Parser

Migrating your blog posts from one website to another can be a pain, especially when you're moving away from specific packages that your content is built on. Owain recently encountered this difficulty, so decided to create an app that solved his headaches. His HTML to Markdown Parser, which he walks us through, lets him convert the blog posts from a site's RSS feed into Markdown, which he can then easily import into a new site.

When is it a good time for Migration? Now!

With Umbraco 8.1 out, more teams are confidant that it's the time to start moving clients over to v8. There is no upgrade path between 7 and 8, so we need to migrate instead. Having begun to do this himself with internal projects, Owain has a number of "look out for this" pieces of advice to offer for those beginning this undertaking.

Using Umbraco Is Good For Your Health

It might be a bold claim that your choice of CMS can be good for your health, but Owain backs his assertion how aspects of Umbraco's back office, its community, and services like Umbraco Cloud do in fact make it a healthy CMS.