Photo of Owain Williams

Owain Williams

Owain's been using Umbraco since 2016 but only in the past year has he been using it on a daily basis. Every day is still very much a learning day. He enjoys blogging about what he has learned and hopes that his ramblings may help others. When not online, he can be found running trails and taking photos.

When is it a good time for Migration? Now!

With Umbraco 8.1 out, more teams are confidant that it's the time to start moving clients over to v8. There is no upgrade path between 7 and 8, so we need to migrate instead. Having begun to do this himself with internal projects, Owain has a number of "look out for this" pieces of advice to offer for those beginning this undertaking.

Using Umbraco Is Good For Your Health

It might be a bold claim that your choice of CMS can be good for your health, but Owain backs his assertion how aspects of Umbraco's back office, its community, and services like Umbraco Cloud do in fact make it a healthy CMS.