Photo of Paul Marden

Paul Marden

Paul is the Director of Carbon Six Digital and a long time fan of Umbraco. He's been building Umbraco powered sites since 2008. Carbon Six Digital are Umbraco Gold Partners and focus on building Editor optimised Umbraco websites so marketers can focus on generating leads not wrangling with a rubbish CMS.

Part 1: Landing Pages

Landing pages and lead capture forms are a fundamental part of marketing and sales led websites. Fortunately Umbraco lends itself well to the needs of Marketers for a quick turn around without the need for developers to get involved in the creation of new landing pages. In this first article in a series exploring areas of common practice in Umbraco, Matt and Paul investigate ways to create landing pages and lead capture forms.

Umbraco Tools for Marketers

Marketing technology (MarTech) greatly evolves all the time. As it changes, how does Umbraco integrate them, and what's even available? Paul gives us an overview of the different toolkits you can use for Umbraco and what features they have so you can make educated choices for your sites.

Building a Webshop in Vendr

With Umbraco HQ focused on the CMS, cloud, and headless, ecommerce has been left to be solved off-platform or 3rd party packages. With Umbraco 8's rewritten APIs, the only available ecommerce package was UCommerce. Until Outfield Digital released Vendr. Paul and Gareth take through a look at it with their Vendr Sandbox to help get you started with this new option for setting up a shop on the web.

Examine in Umbraco 8

Onsite search can be challenging, and isn't as sexy as other features on a site. But the Lucene search engine in Umbraco gives us the chance to make fast, feature-rich search in just a few hours. The Examine APIs have changed a lot in Umbraco 8. Thankfully, Paul is here, having done the hard work to show us how to implement a basic text search.

Integrating SAML into Umbraco

Implementing Single Sign On in Umbraco using SAML is an effective way to integrate Umbraco into a larger estate of IT systems, making new sites for corporate clients of all sizes easier for their internal users to access securely. And with Paul showing us how, we can learn how easy it is to implement.