Photo of Paul Seal

Paul Seal

Paul is an Umbraco MVP, working for the Umbraco Gold Partner Moriyama. He is passionate about Umbraco and Web Development in general. He loves to create open source packages and likes to share his experience and knowledge through his website and his YouTube channel.

Creating an Author Picker Using Contentment

The best Umbraco packages are ones that make your life easier as a developer and an editor. Lee Kelleher's Contentment is one such package that offers a collection of data editors. For Paul Seal, the editor that stood out was the Data List, which he demonstrates by creating an Author Picker.

There's More Than One Way to Cook an Egg

Paul walks us through five different ways of rendering reusable ModelsBuilder content, the pros and cons of each method, and how to do each one. You may already have a preference, but now you'll be able to recognize someone else's method if you inherit a project!