Photo of Søren Kottal

Søren Kottal

Front end tech lead at Ecreo in Denmark. After trying out almost every CMS available (even tried to build a few of my own), I ended up working with Umbraco in 2013, and have never looked back. I love learning new tech, and works hard everyday to make my clients’ experience with their websites even better.

Tabs and groups — make it work, then make it better

Umbraco V8 brought many great new features to its back office, and in the process replaced tabs. This proved to be a bit divisive for the community, but for those who still mourn tabs in V8, good news! Søren discusses the package Tabify, which adds tabs to V8, then goes one step further by introducing a new tab package that keeps groups inside tabs for the best of both worlds.

Add Your Own Icons to Umbraco, Automatically

Importing custom icons into the Umbraco backoffice isn't difficult, but updating your icon fonts can be a tedious procedure. Søren shows us how to use the Gulp task runner to do the heavy lifting when creating and maintaining your custom icon fonts.