Photo of Chriztian Steinmeier

Chriztian Steinmeier

Chriztian is a frontend developer at Vokseværk in Denmark - he’s a three time Umbraco MVP and spent most of his teens practicing guitar and coding BASIC and Assembler on his ZX Spectrum 48K. These days he's juggling everything from HTML, CSS & JavaScript to Partial Views, Document Types and Config Transforms on numerous Umbraco Cloud projects.

Hotwiring Umbraco with Turbo

We often want our websites faster and smoother to navigate. Our solutions can involve becoming caching experts to serve the pages faster, or creating SPAs in JS frameworks. But if we don't want to go down the caching rabbit hole or deal with the complexities and download sizes of JavaScript applications. What do we do? Chriztian shows us how we can have faster and smoother pages, the speed of single-page applications, without a line of JavaScript by using Turbo in our Umbraco sites.

Frontend Fumbraco

With any trade or hobby there comes a point where the process how you work will have evolved past fundamentals and into a style that works specifically for you. Chriztian enjoys reading about how other musicians and coders do their work and learning from the differences. In that spirit he shares with us his "fumbling" through Umbraco development with his CPL process and CodeKit.

YSOD-Driven Composition

When we're stumped by a particularly pernicious bug in our code, or can't get a design to gel properly, sometimes the best solution is to step away from the problem (and maybe even your desk) altogether and put our minds to something completely different to reset and gain a new perspective. Chriztian shares his experience doing just that, turning the dreaded YSOD into a song in the process.

Collector of Great Moments

As we face challenges and accumulate failures, it can be easy (especially in the dark winter season) to become negative, both to ourselves and to others. Chriztian Steinmeier shares his technique for combating this mentality, by collecting his successes and speaking positively.