Photo of Dave Woestenborghs

Dave Woestenborghs

Dave is a developer at DotControl, a full service internet agency located in Heerlen and Rotterdam (The Netherlands), and a 5 time Umbraco MVP. As an Umbraco Certified Professional, Dave has been using the Friendly CMS since version 3, and loves being part of its community. When not programming, you can find him spending time with his family, or playing some music.

Make Your Editors Happy

In the 6 years since Dave gave his first Codegarden talk, titled "Make Your Editors Happy", a lot has changed including the release of Umbraco 8 and the upcoming Umbraco 9. In all that time, though, the mantra from his first slide, "Content is King", still applies today. Dave reminds us there is no "one size fits all" solution as he takes us on a new look at ways to tailor the editor experience on a per-project basis for the best results.

A Tour of the (Backoffice) Tours

One of Umbraco 7.8's coolest new features are Tours. Dave is back to show us what tours are capable of, along with some cool ways they can be used to help our clients get the best editor experience possible.

Changing backoffice functionality without changing core code

Sometimes you just want to override the Umbraco backoffice's functionality for a client, like adding a custom button into the content editing view. But you don't want to modify the core and it's not a feature to put in a pull request. What do you do? Dave is here to help, showing how you can override core functionality without the mess of touching core code.

The King is Dead... Long Live the King

Back before Umbraco 7, uComponents provided us with a cornucopia of useful datatypes and features. However, Umbraco 7's new backend ended uComponents' reign, and with it the handy tools many had come to rely upon. Dave Woestenborghs will show us that not all is lost, though, thanks to the nuPickers package and its new set of property editors.